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Global CDN

We have nodes across the globe to keep latency down. Our multilayered CDN provides a scalable, globally consistent, fast version of any site.

Ultra-fast DNS

We provide the fastest DNS service available. It is globally aware so that no matter where a request comes from, all requests are routed to the nearest nodes.

High Availability

Our global, multilayered CDN is set up so that slow or failing nodes are seamlessly removed. Top to bottom, our infrastructure is redundant, to make sure we keep traffic flowing.

Infinite Scale

Seamlessly grow from a personal blog to an international phenomenon. Our global CDN ensures your site is always as fast as greased lightning, regardless of load.

Geo IP/Language Redirection

Our CDN supports complex internationalization rules. A single DNS lookup and web request will always serve your site with the content you specify for the region. Redirects occur at CDN level so you take zero performance hit.

DDOS Protection

As part of our custom plans Netlify offers advanced DDOS protection and mitigation via several partnerships.


Full support for the next generation web protocol, built for better performance and more efficient asset loading.

Custom Domains

Use your custom domain with any Netlify plan.

Domain Aliases

Point more than one domain to the same website. Read our blogpost on domain aliases.

Netlify Subdomain

If you either don’t have a domain or just need to do a test site, you can choose your own subdomain, like unicorns.netlify.com See an example here.

DNS Hosting (NS1)

Netlify includes high uptime ultra-fast DNS hosting, with a simple but powerful DNS panel and full API access.

Redirect, Rewrite, & Proxy Rules

Use different rules to control how requests are handled. Proxy part of your traffic to your own backend, redirect old pages, or rewrite a page entirely. Or do them all.

API Proxying

Using redirect rules, it’s simple to host your site on Netlify while routing all API calls to your own backend. Now, you don’t have to worry about CORS. See Redirects documentation.

Gradual Migration

With Netlify’s advanced redirect rules, incrementally migrating to Netlify is safe and simple with no effect on performance. Learn how to Go Static Without Losing Your Server.

Free One-Click SSL

We believe in security. We generate, deploy and manage unique SSL certificates for each site with just one click, all completely free.

Certificate Rotation

We automatically renew and deploy your new SSL certificates, taking the pain out of certificate management.

Native Clients

Don’t feel like writing your own HTTP calls to our API? We have native clients in Javascript, Go, and Ruby.

Custom HTTP Headers

Take full control over any HTTP header sent by Netlify. Easily add CORS or Content Security Headers to your site. What does this mean and why is this important?

Password Protection

We provide simple password protection for sites that need it. That means that you can launch a site and have coarse-grained access with a click or a few keystrokes.

Client-side Routing Support

Setup a simple rule to make your single page app handle routing. This way all requests that don’t match a static file will serve your index file, so your router can handle them client side. Read all about history push-state support in our docs.

Authentication Providers

Let your users authenticate with GitHub or other OAuth2 providers without any backend. Read OAuth Provider documentation.


Create as many teams as you like, and collaborate with other developers not just on a single site, but on all the sites that belong to a team. Various permissions are available depending on your plan choice.

JWT Based Access Control

With JWT-Based Access Control you can enable granular role-based permissions on your sites while delegating authentication and user management to any service that can issue JSON Web Tokens.

Multiple Environments Support

Support multiple environments (e.g. dev, staging, prod) with a simple argument. Each environment can track a git branch, providing isolated environments for experimentation.

Git Integration

Netlify pairs naturally with Git. If you use GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or just your own private repo, you can pull, change, and push to manage your site.

Deploy previews

Deploy Previews take every pull request from your git repository and deploy it a unique URL, separate from the one used by your production site. Share the link with others to preview changes before merging.

Branch Based Split Testing

Split the traffic for your main domain between two or more branch deploys. The logic takes places right at our CDN edge nodes without any loss of performance and uses cookie affinity to make sure each visitor gets a consistent view of your site across multiple visits.

Deploy logs

Follow deploy progress and check build errors in our detailed deploy logs.

Audit logs

Audit logs are fully searchable and provide an overview and historical log into nearly every action that can be taken by your team members.

Instant Rollback

Netlify versions all deploys. From the Deploys tab for your site in the netlify UI, you can browse any deploy you’ve ever made and roll back to it with a single click.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment works by connecting a Git repository to a Netlify site and keeping the two in sync. Netlify will run your build command and deploy the result whenever you push to your Git repo.

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