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Your guide to migrate from PubStorm to Netlify

Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach posted this on November 3, 2016

PubStorm announced today that they are shutting down service on November 14th. The Nitrous team reached out to Netlify to provide an easy migration path for all of their existing users. Together, we have made sure that anyone who has an account with PubStorm can migrate painlessly to a free account with Netlify.

Shutting down a company is a grueling decision and a tough process, but the PubStorm team have gone out of their way to make sure to find the best possible new home for their users. While we’re sad to see a great product in our space shutting down, we hope to help anyone affected with a smooth transition.

Automatic migration to Netlify

Automatica Migration to Netlify

Netlify can import your sites from PubStorm directly with our automatic migration process. After you authenticate with your PubStorm credentials, we’ll fetch your sites’ information and create the equivalent sites on Netlify for you. We’ve also prepared a video tutorial and some familiar steps for PubStorm users that want to migrate to Netlify themselves.

Deploying PubStorm sites on Netlify

PubStorm deploys were done via the command line, Netlify has a similar CLI for you to get accustomed with. See below for a video that shows how to deploy and customize your site on Netlify.

Note that with your new account on Netlify there’s also many new features to take a look at like:

  • Free Continuous Deployment
  • Prerendering
  • Form handling
  • Custom JavaScript injection
  • DNS hosting
  • Rewrite & Redirect rules
  • Custom HTTP headers

Check out our features page for the full story before you migrate. Please, read this documentation about changes you will need to make to get your site ready on Netlify.

Netlify has extra support to help mitigate any issues during your migration, just email support@netlify.com and remember to include PubStorm in the subject header.

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About Netlify

Netlify is an all-in-one platform for deploying and automating modern web projects.

Simply push and Netlify provides everything—servers, CDN, continuous delivery, HTTPS, staging environments, prerendering, asset post processing, DNS, and more.

Any project, big or small, can perform instantly on a global scale.

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