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Introducing Netlify Build Plugins

The power to customize your CI/CD workflow at any stage of the lifecycle

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Customize your builds

Extend the functionality of Netlify builds with a programmable interface that hooks into different phases of the build lifecycle to suit your needs.

Help us build an open ecosystem

Bring your favorite tools and ideas. Once we expand to public beta and general availability, you'll have the opportunity to share your work with others, as well as benefit from their work.

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Netlify Build Plugins are currently in private beta. We'll enable a limited number of users each week as we ramp up. Ready to get started?

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Creating and using your first Netlify Build Plugin
by Sarah Drasner, Head of Developer Experience
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Build Plugins FAQ

What are Build Plugins?
Netlify Build Plugins are installable packages that extend the functionality of the Netlify build process. Plugins are POJOs (plain old javascript objects) that allow users to hook into the different lifecycle steps happening during their site builds.
How do Build Plugins work?

Build Plugins can be installed from npm or run locally from a relative path in your project.

The Netlify build process runs through a series of lifecycle events. With Build Plugins, you can hook into and extend how the Netlify build operates during these events. For example, you can hook into the preBuild step to run something before your build command. Or use the postBuild hook for running things after your site build has completed.

What are some examples of Build Plugins?
Here are a few we’ve started working on at Netlify:

  • netlify-plugin-lighthouse to automatically track your Lighthouse site score between deployments
  • netlify-plugin-sitemap to generate sitemaps after build
  • netlify-plugin-notifier to automatically wire up build notifications
  • netlify-plugin-axe to automatically audit your site for accessibility issues
  • netlify-plugin-twiliosms text your boss every time you deploy so they know you’re working
  • netlify-plugin-svgoptimizer to automatically optimize all SVGs in a directory when the site is built
Are they ready for production today?
Build Plugins are currently in private beta and not supported by the Netlify support team. While we want you to start testing and building plugins to understand the possibilities, they are not yet recommended for production environments.
Where can I get help?
We’ve created a private channel in the Netlify Community forums. Once you’re admitted to the private beta, you’ll have access to this channel to communicate with Netlify experts and other users who are also building plugins.

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