Accounts and Billing

All sites are owned by a personal account or by a team. Settings at the account or team level will affect all owned sites.

Access account-level settings

This page contains direct links to account and billing settings for your personal account. You can also find these sections for personal accounts from the Account settings menu item.

'Account settings' tab under the personal account selection

If you want to make changes to teams, you first need to switch to the team by clicking the title bar next to the Netlify logo. Click the Team settings menu item, and then follow the section paths below.

'Team settings' tab under the team account selection

Connect your Git provider accounts

You can connect your personal Netlify account to one or more Git providers to make logging in and collaborating with your team easier. You can add, edit, and disconnect your Git provider accounts from Account settings > General > Profile > Connected accounts.

If you signed up for Netlify using GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, then your Netlify account will already be linked to that Git provider.

You can connect your Netlify account to multiple Git providers, but you cannot:

  • connect one Netlify account to two accounts from the same Git provider
  • connect two different Netlify accounts to the same Git provider account

Member lists at the site and team level include connected accounts for each member.

Change your team plan

To change your team plan, switch to the relevant team, and under the Billing > Plan details section click the Change plan button to choose your new plan.


Change billing information

To change your billing information, use this direct link, or from the app dashboard under the Billing > Billing information section.


To change your payment method, use this direct link, or from the app dashboard under the Billing > Payment information section.


For team accounts, only Owners and Billing Admins can make changes to billing information. For more information about team member permissions, check the Teams documentation.

View payment history

You can find previous payments you made to your account from this direct link, or from the app dashboard under the Billing > Payment history section.

Payment history, listing each receipt with date, amount, account, and download link

Each receipt in the payment history has a link to download the receipt as a PDF.

Overdue accounts

If payment for your account is overdue, your service will be shut off in stages. You’ll be notified when your account becomes overdue by email and in the web UI. To restore full service, use the link in the email or UI banner to provide a valid payment method for your account. Here’s a timeline of what happens with overdue accounts:

  1. Your account becomes overdue if payment is not made at the end of your billing period.
    • This may happen because your account does not have a payment method set up or because the provided credit card has expired.
    • You will receive notice, via daily emails and a banner in the web UI, that your account is overdue.
    • We will retry processing your payment once per day and also immediately after you update the payment method.
  2. After two weeks of non-payment, your Netlify account will be restricted.
    • You will no longer be able to take administrative actions like adding a new site or changing site settings.
    • API PUT/POST/DELETE requests will fail with “Access denied”.
  3. After four weeks of non-payment, your account and all of its sites will be suspended.
    • The only action you will be able to take is updating your payment method.
    • When people try to load a site from your account, they will see a page that says the site has been suspended.
    • You will stop receiving daily emails prompting you for payment on your account. The web UI will continue to show a banner message.
    • Your account will no longer incur new charges beyond the overdue amount.

You can restore full service at any time by providing a valid payment method for your account.

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