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With the announcement of our new pricing and features, existing customers may have some questions about their sites.  We’re attempting to anticipate and answer those questions here, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact support via the in-app chat widget (we will return your message later via email if we’re not available) or by email to support@netlify.com.

Legacy Site Handling

How does this change affect existing sites?

It doesn’t downgrade anyone!  If you have a paid site and do not opt your site into a team account, you retain your old pricing and feature set.  We have no plans at present to remove the old paid plans or force a migration to the new model, though we hope you’ll find the features compelling and migrate when you get a chance.

For free sites (Pages and Open Source plans), all sites have already been migrated to the new system, since it’s an upgrade to more features for the same $0 price.

Does this change anything about the way Netlify builds my site(s)?


Can I buy more sites under the old plan(s)?


How can I migrate sites under old plan(s) to a new plan? Who can do this?

For sites on a legacy Global Plan, please contact support before migrating to avoid a possible interruption in service.

For all other plans, any site administrator can migrate a legacy site to the new system. You have two options for doing this. One option is to go to the bottom of the site Settings screen and transfer the site ownership to a Team (which can be a team of one). Another option is to cancel your legacy plan subscription and wait for your remaining time to run out. At the end of the paid period, the site will automatically migrate to an individually owned plan with Bronze-level features. Be aware that once you migrate a site, it cannot be moved back to a legacy plan.

If I migrate a site, can I change my mind and go back to the legacy plan?

No. This action cannot be undone, so be sure you check the Teams documentation and compare plan pricing and features before migrating. If you’re unsure about your choice, you may contact support for more guidance.

May I have legacy sites and team-owned sites at the same time, or is it all or nothing?

You can have both. Legacy plan sites will appear in your single-user list of sites, and will be noted (e.g. “On a legacy Basic plan”). These sites can continue to operate as they always have, unless you move them onto a team, at which point their privileges will change to the level of the team. (This cannot be undone.)

My site was on a free (Pages) plan. What does my free upgrade mean? What features am I getting access to? What if the site was on an Open Source plan?

All former Pages and Open Source sites now have access to ALL Netlify features except for Visitor Access Control and multi-level administration roles.

For former Pages sites, this adds:

The former Open Source plan already included the features above. However, we’ve also added two more features now available to all sites migrated from both Pages and Open Source plans:

Say I have a Basic plan site for the sake of Prerendering and Proxying. If I cancel my legacy subscription, can I still have those features now that they’re offered for free?

Yes. You will lose password protection and authentication, but gain Integrated DNS Hosting, Branch Deploys, Split Testing, and moreBe aware that if a site with a password is transferred off of a legacy plan, the password will still be in place, with no way to remove or modify it without contacting support!

Team Dynamics & Pricing

What are the minimum and maximum number of team members in each of the new plans? Can I add and subtract easily?

There is no minimum or maximum to the number of members for a team at any level, but with the Silver plan, you will pay for 5 spots minimum, and 10 spots with Gold. For example, a Silver plan team with only one member costs the same as it does with five team members. As you add members beyond the inital minimum, your susbscription fee will increase at a single-user rate. All charges are automatically prorated to match your billing cycle.

Can free sites use Teams functionality?

Yes, any site can be transferred to a team, and all teams may have an unlimited number of sites. If you transfer a free site to a Team on the free Bronze plan, it will have all the same features as before, plus team-based collaborator management. Be aware that when you transfer a site from an individual to a team, all Site Administrators will be removed, so we recommend adding your collaborators to the new team before transferring the site.

Is there discounted annual pricing for the new plans?

No. You may choose to be charged annually, but the price will be the same.

Can I be a member of multiple teams?


May I set up and own multiple teams to keep the charges separate for separate clients?

Yes, but it isn’t particularly cost-effective unless you have a very large team segregated across several projects.

May I purchase a “mixed” plan?  I really want fine-grained access control but not at a cost of a Gold plan, and I don’t care about Continuous Deployment at all.

No. You can own or participate in multiple teams though!

Can I set separate billing info (e.g. custom VAT / tax info) for separate sites within a team?

The only billing for a team is at the team level. There are no site-level charges, so there is no site-level separation necessary.

Edge Logic Requests (ELRs)

I don’t quite get ELRs. Could you tell me more about how they work?

Our CDN is a network of “edge nodes” serving your files in locations around the world. However, unlike many edge nodes, ours can do more than just serve up files on request. They can also perform certain tasks you would traditionally have to run either on a central server or on the user’s computer in their browser. This includes proxy requests, prerendering, geolocation-based routing, and split testing. When our edge nodes receive a request requiring one of these services, they can handle it directly, rather than sending it off to another server for processing. With the edge nodes handling these requests quickly and close to the user, you don’t need to write them into your client-side code, which saves resources on your users’ devices. 

How can I track how many ELRs are made across all my sites?  What if I go over the limit?

We’ve intentionally set our limits high enough to meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of sites. If we find that your team’s usage is nearing or exceeding these limits, we will contact you about options to meet your needs. You will never be charged a penalty for going over your limit before we’ve contacted you, and if we do contact you, we can determine a transition timetable that works for both parties.

What is the cost for additional Edge Logic Requests?

It depends! Get in touch with us: sales@netlify.com

Notice something is incorrect or outdated?

First off, great eye! We appreciate your discovery and want to ensure it gets addressed immediately. Please let us know here.

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