Modern web architecture at scale

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 | 9AM PDT

Join CEO Matt Biilmann, VP of Developer Experience Jason Lengstorf, and other industry leaders to learn how Netlify helps modern enterprises move faster and deliver better experiences for customers and developers alike.

Are you looking to

  • Migrate a business website or service to Jamstack architecture?
  • Increase development throughput of your frontend teams?
  • Reduce the complexity required to scale your business apps?

Come learn about

  • Best practices for overcoming the challenges of developing business apps at scale
  • New Netlify product announcements for enterprise users with large development teams
  • More exciting announcements about the growing Netlify ecosystem!

Schedule Tuesday, September 21, 2021

  • Intro

    Join the Netlify team for a special event about enabling enterprise web applications at scale.

  • Fireside chat

    Success factors for building enterprise-scale Jamstack projects with CEO Mathias Biilmann.

  • What's new in Netlify Enterprise

    Find out about new product updates making it easier for large organizations to manage teams and collaborate together on Netlify.

  • Operating Jamstack apps at business scale

    Learn how Netlify empowers Gemini to securely scale their crypto platform and handle billions of monthly web requests.

  • Discussion Lounge

    Hang out with the Netlify team answering questions about the latest product announcements.