Chris Bach

Show Them Something Worth Building: How Effective Leaders Create Engaging Strategies

Speaker: Chris Bach, Co-founder, Chief Strategy and Creative Officer, Netlify
Date: July 28th at 10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT

No matter how clearly you see the company’s goals as a leader, if the rest of the team can’t see your vision, they can’t move toward it. During hypergrowth, one of the most challenging areas for leaders to maintain is clarity of purpose and direction. Netlify’s Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Bach, drives a consistent mission statement to unify the company. In this fireside chat, Chris will uncover how to:

  • Define a compelling vision for the company that’s not just clear, but engaging
  • Build a sense of shared purpose that builds confidence and guides decisions
  • Clarify a vision that keeps the whole team moving in the same direction

Scaling Innovation: How To Keep Engineering Healthy When Hiring Goes Nonlinear

Speaker: Ryan Burgess, Sr. Software Engineering Manager, Netflix
Date: Aug 4th at 12:30pm PDT / 3:30pm EDT

During hypergrowth, it feels like you can’t hire engineers fast enough. When your engineering team is doubling in size every year, how do you maintain collaboration, fast delivery, and high quality? Ryan Burgess helped navigate these challenges at Netflix. During this fireside chat, we’ll learn how Netflix handled exponential growth in their engineering organization, including:

  • How Netflix scaled its tech stack without collapsing under tech debt
  • Where engineering teams focused to keep shipping velocity high
  • What we can do to keep a growing team collaborative without all the bureaucracy
Ryan Burgess
Dawn Parzych

Grow Without Grinding: How We Can Keep Teams Productive, Healthy, and Engaged

Speaker: Dawn Parzych, Manager, Developer Marketing, LaunchDarkly
Date: Aug 10th at 8am PDT / 11am EDT

The strength of every company stands on three pillars: the product, the customers, and the team. During hypergrowth, it can feel nearly impossible to keep all three pillars stable — and in many cases, the team is the first pillar to fall. At LaunchDarkly, Dawn Parzych combines her developer marketing expertise with her background in psychology to help keep the product, customers, and people of LaunchDarkly happy. This fireside chat will be packed with actionable strategies and valuable insights into:

  • Staying highly productive without burning people out
  • Creating and supporting paths for career advancement to grow — and retain! — your best talent
  • Improving the quality and velocity of shipping by strengthening team foundations

Hosted by Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf is the VP of Developer Experience at Netlify, where he works to improve the experience of building and deploying to the modern web. He also hosts Learn With Jason, a live-streamed video show where he pairs with people in the community to learn something new in 90 minutes. He’s passionate about building healthy, efficient teams and systems, and he’s done his best to positively influence the community, leadership, and technical health of open source and companies including Gatsby and IBM.

Jason Lengstorf

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