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Organization-owned private repository FAQ

On Netlify, anyone can set up automatic deploys from:

  • personal public repositories
  • personal private repositories
  • organization-owned public repositories

Netlify teams on Pro plans and above can also deploy from organization-owned private repositories.

This FAQ answers common questions from people with legacy connections to organization-owned private GitHub repositories on Starter team sites.

What is an organization-owned private GitHub repository?

An organization-owned private repository is a repository that meets all three of the following criteria:

This does not include public repositories or repositories owned by personal GitHub accounts (public or private). Though this policy may expand to other Git providers in the future, repositories hosted by other Git providers are not affected at this time.

What happens to my sites if I stay on Starter?

Your sites connected to personal repositories (public or private), as well as organization-owned public repos, will continue to operate and deploy as usual.

If you have sites connected to organization-owned private repositories, they will continue to be served in their current state, but if you want to deploy changes to them, you have a few options:

*After changing repository ownership or visibility, push a commit to your repository to trigger a deploy and send the updated settings to Netlify.

What does an upgrade to Pro mean for me?

Netlify’s Pro plan is designed to help your team ship even faster. You’ll have access to new benefits and features, including:

  • 1TB of bandwidth per month – 10x more than Starter.
  • 25k build minutes per month – over 80x more than Starter.
  • Email technical support – private 1:1 email help directly from the Netlify team.
  • Background functions – execute long-running asynchronous functions for up to 15 minutes.
  • 3 concurrent builds – run more than one build at the same time.
  • Audit logs with 7-day history – track changes to your team and site settings.
  • Private sites – lock sites behind a password or basic authentication header.
  • Slack & email deploy notifications – notify a Slack channel or send an email when a deploy succeeds, fails, or hits other milestones.
  • Shared environment variables – set team-wide defaults for all your sites.

The Pro plan subscription starts at $19 per month for one team member, plus $19 per month for each additional team member, including Git Contributors (explained below). If you upgrade now, we’ll waive the subscription fees for the first month. Usage charges and additional features for purchase are listed on our pricing page.

What is a Git Contributor?

On the Pro plan and above, only your Netlify team members and approved Git Contributors can trigger deploys to your sites from private repositories. You have the option to approve deploys individually and add Git Contributors to your team as you go, or set your deploys to auto-approve and have the Git Contributors added to your team automatically.

At the end of your billing cycle, all approved Git Contributors for the month are added to your member count and charged at the normal Pro plan rate of $19 per member. As the next billing cycle starts, Git Contributor counts reset and we only add them back if they again deploy during the current billing cycle.

Why is Netlify doing this?

So much of our success as a platform comes from the students, hobbyists, weekend side-project developers, and open source maintainers who have shared the joy of Netlify with their friends, followers, colleagues, and managers, and we’re committed to maintaining our free Starter plan for these use cases.

At the same time, we’re also investing more heavily in providing the productivity and control features that businesses need as they scale, and we’re working to identify the teams that would benefit from such an investment. Our research has shown that private repositories under organizational accounts are nearly always owned by teams using the repository for work.

What if I teach a course where students work in a shared GitHub organization?

We’re working on developing solutions for educators using Netlify with their students, and we have an interim option that may meet your needs in the meantime. Reach out using this feedback form to tell us about your use case, and leave your email address so that someone from the Product team can follow-up with you.

Where can I get help?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can post it in our dedicated forum topic where our Support team can help you.

If you have feedback, you can share it with our Product team using this feedback form. You have the option to leave your email address if you’re open to receiving follow-up questions from the team.