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The Netlify Platform

SimplifyNetlify it all

Netlify combines a full platform for your apps with a fast workflow for your team.

A global network for your frontend

Sample travel website showing an outdoor rental with a Book Now button

Make your sites load fast from anywhere in the world with Netlify Edge.

Automated builds & deployment

Terminal window with two tabs: Code and Deployment.

Completely automate building and deploying your project with Netlify Build.

Scalable serverless functions

Sample serverless functioni, signup.js, 167 lines (150 sloc) 3.91 KB and some truncated fake code

Perform just about any backend task with scalable Netlify Functions and Background Functions.

Manage webservers
Set-up CI/CD
Scale clusters
Configure CDN
Just write code

With great power comes
great simplicity

  1. It only takes a push to Git

    There’s no deployment process to learn with Netlify—your team works right in Git, committing everything in a single repository. Netlify neatly deploys every resource to the right place, even across multiple clouds:

    Pre-rendered edge assets
    Custom edge logic
    Edge routing & proxies
    Serverless functions
    Background functions
    Terminal window, two lines: `git comment -m 'adding title section'` and `git push`
  2. Every build is automated

    Each time you push to your Git provider, Netlify runs a build of your project with the site generator and tools you specify and deploys the result.

    Netlify UI, Build command: `npm run generate`, Publish directory: `dist/`
  3. Share preview links of branches & PRs

    Netlify Build can create a full site preview URL for every branch and pull request, giving your team unlimited staging environments.

    netlify bot commented 3 hours ago, Deploy preview for www ready! Built with commit `bb1147f`
  4. Merge to master & your changes are live

    By default, Netlify uses the master branch of your repository as the published site. Any changes to master are reflected on your site moments later.

    Production: master@HEAD Published Mar 2: Update sidebar color, Production: master@637d13b Mar 1: Merge PR #2734

Netlify Enterprise

Delivered at the Edge.
Rooted in the Enterprise.

Netlify powers mission-critical web properties for major enterprises like Nike, Citrix, RBI, Verizon, and Trinet. Our Enterprise offerings include:

  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Up to 50% faster app response times
  • Multi-cloud ultra-resilient edge
  • Faster builds with concurrency for large teams
  • 24×7 premium support
  • Enterprise SSO integration
  • Proactive load & penetration testing

Learn more about Netlify Enterprise