Netlify Edge

Give your sites the edge

Netlify Edge is an advanced, global platform for powering web experiences that are fast, reliable, and secure. Make your websites feel nearly instant for every visitor.

The fast, resilient
network for web apps

Make your websites & applications dramatically faster

Global distribution with automated prerendering makes for impressively fast site delivery. Smashing Magazine moved to Netlify for a 10× boost in performance.

800ms 80ms

Extremely reliable. Extremely secure.

Every deploy publishes your apps to be served across all of our global edge locations—your own web servers and CDN are no longer required. And with our High-Performance Edge, your apps are deployed to multiple cloud providers for ultimate reliability. Since web pages are rendered in advance, edge nodes serve secure, static assets with little opportunity for exploit.

No maintenance windows, broken deploys, or stale content

Cache control on most CDNs is tricky business. On Netlify Edge, every global deploy is an instant, atomic update of your application. Worldwide caches are invalidated instantly, supporting richer applications than possible on a CDN. Deploy thousands of times daily without any risk of partial deploys or stale assets.

Edge personalization made easy

Use Netlify Edge Functions to run custom logic at the network edge using standards-based Deno runtime. Deliver incredibly fast dynamic experiences — instantly localize language, serve relevant banner ads, customize authentication....and much more. Edge Functions offer native integration with web frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt, and Remix, so developers can easily manage frontend and backend code together.

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Fine-grained control: redirect, proxy, and restrict access

Control how Netlify Edge handles requests right inside your Git repository using a simple, text-based configuration to set up redirects by country or language, apply custom headers, or control access to certain paths of your application. Netlify Edge even offers powerful proxy capabilities so you can unite a legacy blog, remote APIs, and new pages into a single domain.

800ms 80ms
Maciej Malesa

Moving all LiveChat websites to Netlify has empowered our Web Dev Team to iterate fast and independently.

Maciej Malesa, CTO, LiveChat

*Jam packed* with features

Simple to use but incredibly powerful, Netlify Edge has everything you need to tackle even the most demanding web projects.

Global distribution

Netlify Edge is distributed just like a CDN, but with advanced functionality for publishing entire sites and applications.

Git-integrated CI/CD

Netlify Edge seamlessly integrates with Netlify Build to automate every aspects of building, testing, and deploying web applications.

Atomic deployments

Each deploy updates all code and assets all at once, without any maintenance window. All prior versions remain available at permanent URLs.

Instant cache invalidation

Cache control on most CDNs is tricky business. With Netlify, every deploy updates global caches instantly, supporting richer applications than possible on a CDN.

Staging & production

On Netlify Edge, you can build, test, and deploy across the same global production environment. What you preview matches exactly what you’ll see once changes are live.

Designed for Jamstack

Netlify launched as the first infrastructure provider native to the Jamstack and designed to support modern tools and workflows.

No origin infrastructure required

Go straight from Git to global deployment without managing webservers or other infrastructure.

Everything deploys together

Frontend builds. Serverless code. Edge routing logic. No other service allows you to write and manage everything from a single repository.

Programmable edge logic

Run custom code right from the network edge with incredible performance. Modify each request to localize content, serve relevant banner ads, authenticate visitors, and more.

Git-based configuration

Configure every aspect of Netlify Edge inside a TOML file that can be version controlled within your project repository.


Restoring your entire site to any previous deploy happens instantaneously. Every prior deploy remains accessible at its own permanent URL.

A/B tests & phased rollouts

Splits visitors across multiple versions of content or gradually roll out new features across your userbase.

Proxy to other services

Set up edge rules to let parts of your site proxy to external services or your own infrastructure.

Password protect URLs

Easily hide all or part of your site behind a password that you control and configure in the Netlify Dashboard.

Redirect by country or language

Send site visitors to different content based on their location (by country GeoIP data) or their browser’s language configuration.

Redirect by role

Restrict access to certain paths of your application to logged-in visitors with certain roles, using Netlify Identity or another authentication provider.

URL-based dynamic image transformation

Use Netlify Large Media to scale and crop images in realtime using simple URL parameters.

URL normalization

Netlify will match paths to rules regardless of whether or not they contain a trailing slash.

Upgrade to High-Performance

30–50% Faster vs. Standard Edge
70+ Global Locations
99.99% Uptime SLA

For production sites with unparalleled performance, upgrade to High-Performance Edge for even more power and control.

  • Up to 50% faster response time vs. Standard Edge
  • 70+ global Points of Presence
  • Tier 1 Cloud providers: AWS and Google
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Proactive DDoS Protection
  • Dedicated Site Reliability Engineer
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Pricing for Netlify Edge

Pricing scales as your usage grows—from small projects to fully customized enterprise plans.

High-Performance Edge pricing table

Edge $0

High-Performance Edge custom price

Start free 30-day Enterprise trial or contact Sales
Response time
Up to 50% faster on global average
99.99% uptime SLA
Proactive DDoS mitigation
Cache hit rate
Included bandwidth
Extra bandwidth
$55/month for each additional 100GB
$180/month each additional TB

High-Performance Edge pricing table

Edge $0

Response time
Cache hit rate
Included bandwidth
Extra bandwidth
$55/month for each additional 100GB

High-Performance Edge custom price

Start free 30-day Enterprise trial or contact Sales
Response time
99.99% uptime SLA
Proactive DDoS mitigation
Cache hit rate
Included bandwidth
Extra bandwidth

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