Why You Don't Need Cloudflare with Netlify

Cloudflare can do lots of great things for websites, but Netlify's features can make a pairing of the two redundant.

03 min

Brian Douglas posted this on March 28, 2017

Smashing Magazine just got 10x faster

There was a modern web renaissance taking place and Smashing planned to be a part of it. After learning their site could be 6x faster if they took advantage of a global CDN, Smashing made the decision to choose the JAMstack and partnered with Netlify to get the job done.

06 min

Chris Bach posted this on March 16, 2017

Shifting WordPress to the JAMstack

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Daniel Olson, Lead Developer at J2 Design and Shinichi Nishikawa, WordPress enthusiast and key reviewer in WordPress.org’s Theme Review Team.

23 min

Brian Douglas posted this on February 23, 2017

Isomorphic Rendering in the JAMstack

A chat on isomorphic rendering in the JAMstack and the staggering performance improvements.

29 min

Brian Douglas posted this on February 7, 2017

DraftJS & Rich Text Editing On The Web

In this episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas and Mathias Biilmann of Netlify are joined by Serverless’ Nik Graf, co-creator of DraftJS Plugins. On the agenda for this discussion is the emergence of new and better rich-text editors, and how React has changed the game for front-end developers.

39 min

Brian Douglas posted this on December 29, 2016

Style Guides at Airbnb

In the sixth episode of JAMstack Radio, Netlify’s Brian Douglas and Cassandra Salisbury are joined by Airbnb Frontend Engineer Harrison Shoff for a discussion on linters, what makes for a good style guide and why they are so important for growing engineering teams.

28 min

Brian Douglas posted this on December 16, 2016

GraphQL at GitHub

We sat down with Kyle Daigle, manager on the API team at GitHub to chat about how they implement GraphQL into their API at GitHub.

41 min

Brian Douglas posted this on November 30, 2016

Serverless File Uploads

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a Serverless project that uploads files directly to S3.

07 min

Cassio Zen posted this on November 17, 2016

The Serverless Framework & AWS Lambda

In Episode 4 of JAMstack Radio, Brian and Ryan are joined by engineer David Wells who explains the Serverless Framework and automation using AWS Lambda. The three cover topics including potential pain points of complex microservices, advantages of event-driven architectures, and writing Kanye skills for Amazon’s Alexa. Plus a new round of JAMPicks.

32 min

Brian Douglas posted this on October 28, 2016

Serverless JAM - A Serverless Framework Tutorial (Part 2)

This is part two of a tutorial about the Serverless Framework - In this part we will create custom lambda functions for “Serverless Beer”, a (fictitious) craft beer company.

13 min

Cassio Zen posted this on October 13, 2016

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