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How to Scope Down PRs

One of the most valuable skills one can possess as a developer is to learn how to scope down your work into manageable PRs (pull requests). In this article, we dive into some of the whys, and then move on to the hows: the processes you can use to scope PRs down, as well as who on your team …

By Sarah Drasner in Guides & Tutorials

Reactivity in Vue 3

The introduction of Vue 3 will undoubtedly change the way we write and reason about Vue moving forward. In light of this imminent change, it’s worth examining how we think about state management in Vue to embrace this upcoming change. In this post, we’ll dive into the new Composition …

By Divya Tagtachian in Guides & Tutorials

Forms and Functions

In previous posts, we’ve raved about how awesome forms are, especially when you get to take full advantage of them without having to even configure a backend to handle data collection. In this post, we cover how we can turbocharge our form workflows with serverless functions.

By Divya Sasidharan in Guides & Tutorials