Composable MarTech Best Practices for Modernizing Marketing Websites

Your marketing website is the biggest lever you have to increase reach, revenue and adoption of your company and products. As companies are forced to compete in increasingly competitive environments, your marketing website becomes even more critical to deliver against aggressive growth targets. Gone are the days where a tool used for shipping a brand page is the same tool required by web teams to create a marketing site that is optimized for quickly delivering exceptional online experiences, minimizing costs at scale and driving web performance to increase conversions.

Discover why your legacy web stack lacks the agility and flexibility that modern businesses require to stay ahead of the competition and how you can accelerate the development and delivery of your company's marketing website.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The architecture and tools web developers use for modern marketing sites.
  • How web teams can take best practices in modern software development to the marketing site.
  • How to automate processes to keep the marketing site as secure, error-free, and performant on day 1,000 as it was on day one.

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