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One Platform One Click SSL One Step Deploy

Deploy modern static websites with our automated platform. Add best practices like SSL, CDN distribution, caching, and continuous deployment with a single click.

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Netlify has everything you need to make a high performance site or web-app. You just push your code.

Tom Preston-Werner, founder of GitHub and creator of Jekyll

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Our agnostic platform means your favorite tools are already supported And thousands more! (Really, just about anything)


Netlify CDN

Make your site or web-app many times faster by bringing it closer to your users. Instead of a single server, push to a global network of intelligent CDN nodes that also handle asset fingerprinting, automatic caching headers, and smart redirect & rewrite rules.

One-Click SSL

Secure your site or app with our true 1-click SSL setup. Netlify integrates with Let’s Encrypt and automatically provisions, distributes and renews your certificate. HTTPS is free on all plans and HTTP2 enabled.

Continuous Deployment

Integrate your site or web-app to GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket and run your build tool on our servers. Automatically rebuild your site every time your content changes: trigger builds by pushing to git or via webhooks.

Gradual Migration

Use our intelligent rewrite and proxy rules to transition gradually from a traditional dynamic site to a modern build tool. Let our advanced CDN logic proxy any request that’s not in your build to your legacy site.

Infinite Scale

Whether you have a simple blog with 10 hits per day or a multilingual global ecommerce site with 10,000+ pages and 3 million hits per hour, netlify automatically scales with ease to suit your exact needs.


Solve your SEO issues for a single page app, and automatically send the proper social meta tags to Facebook. Activate pre-rendering with 1 click and any crawler request on our cluster of headless browsers will be prerendered.

Atomic Deploys

With atomic deploys, your site is always pushed to netlify’s CDN in its complete, updated state. No need to worry about missing assets or broken links and connections. Your newest version is immediately available everywhere.

Instant Cache Invalidation

When your changes go live, they go live. No waiting for cache purges, no cumbersome varnish setup, no API calls to clean your distribution. Netlify handles cache purges within an average of 250ms from your deploy!

Instant Rollbacks

View and download every deploy you’ve ever made and instantly roll back your site to an earlier version. Undo any mistake or change at the push of a button, no setup required.


Netlify’s command line tool might be your new best friend. Push any folder with a single command, set-up continuous deployment and access any netlify feature straight from your terminal.

Programmable API

All of netlify’s features are available through our REST API. Create your own automated workflows, build tools on top of netlify, trigger actions via webhooks or integrate netlify into your publishing products.

Instant Passwords

Set up password protection for your staging sites or share a quick prototype with your client with a 1-click password setup. Need more than just a password? Then set up HTTP basic auth for any path in your site.

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25,000+ Developers • 65,000+ Web Sites • 400,000+ Deploys

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What our clients say

  • Photo of Kyle MacDonald, CTO, Carrot Creative

    “We've moved all of our static sites and apps to Netlify. It's an indispensable tool in our toolchain. Every time we are able to dream up a new feature we need from a static host, Netlify has it.”

    Kyle MacDonald, CTO, Carrot Creative
  • Photo of Tom Preston-Werner, founder of GitHub and creator of Jekyll

    “Netlify is an all-in-one platform. They simply have so many services rolled into one—everything you need to make a high performance site or web-app. You just push your code.”

    Tom Preston-Werner, founder of GitHub and creator of Jekyll
  • Photo of Jaime Iniesta, CTO of Site Validator

    “Netlify provides the simplest way to deploy the fastest static sites. We love its integration with GitHub, and the post-deploy hooks allows for an easy integration with other services”

    Jaime Iniesta, CTO of Site Validator

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