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The fastest way to build the fastest sites

Build, test, and deploy globally with Netlify’s all-in-one platform for modern web projects

900,000 developers and businesses trust Netlify

Canada’s largest grocer delivers sites 10× faster

Not only is the Loblaw team launching web projects faster—the sites they launch on Netlify outperform the old ones by 92%.

Deploy your site in seconds*

  1. Connect your repository

  2. Add your build settings

  3. Deploy your website

Go beyond static

  • Nail the fundamentals with rock-solid deployment

    Deploy to a redundant network of servers with built‑in continuous integration and HTTPS.

  • Add dynamic functionality with built‑in applications

    Manage user identity, HTML forms, and even AWS Lambda functions with ease.

  • Customize your projects with your own build tools or microservices

    Use your favorite tools for search, payments, commenting, or content management.

There’s a better way to deploy web projects

  • A single, simplified workflow

    Get all the tools you need to deploy and manage your site. Replace your hosting infrastructure, continuous integration, and deployment pipeline with a single workflow.

  • Performance from the ground up

    Run your site on a purpose-built, multi-cloud infrastructure that’s designed for speed, automated to scale, and intrinsically secure.

  • Don’t stop at static

    Netlify’s tool-agnostic platform helps you go dynamic on your own terms: choose from built-in add ons, integrate a favorite tool, or roll your own.

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Help build the future of the web

We help developers build a fast, secure, and scalable web. Sound like something you can get behind? is now powered by @Netlify with a free open source team plan. Really really impressive and smooth deployment experience.

Evan You @youyuxi

Haven’t been as impressed by a software product as I am with @Netlify in a long time. Huge time saver, works as promised. Neat stuff, folks.

Chance Griffin @cbgriffin

I think @netlify might just be the very best SaaS app I have ever had the privilege to use. It is just *amazing*.

Emma Barnes #FBPE @has_many_books

Just migrated a few SPAs to @Netlify. Literally impossible to make the process any easier. Super impressive 👍🏻

Jared Truscott @TruJared

Gotta say, @Netlify has gotten really good. Great for hosting PWAs/static sites. So many powerful free features!

Henrik Joreteg @HenrikJoreteg

I just took @Netlify out for the first time and it’s nuts: CI/CD, forms, split testing are supported out of the box. Lambda functions are in beta.

Steve Kinney @stevekinney

just migrated my @GoHugoIO blog from github pages to @Netlify. Totally hassle free. @letsencrypt certificate in 1 click. One word: ❤️

Alessandro Baffa @alebaffa

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