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Deploy Previews

Share, review, & manage
feedback on your web projects

Empower stakeholders to view and leave feedback about your web project, with every annotation and comment synched to your favorite productivity tools.

Develop better together

Share progress faster. Get better feedback.

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Show automated previews of development as it happens

Netlify automatically builds a new Deploy Preview as a unique permanent URL for each Pull/Merge Request. It’s posted as a commit status for easy collaboration.

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Invite unlimited Reviewers

Let everyone test & review critical features before they are merged into production.

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Graphic showing a Deploy Preview with the collaborative UI

Gather feedback—with images & video—right from the browser

With no coding or setup, preview links include the handy Netlify Drawer that enables reviewers to:

  • Take screenshots
  • Create screen recordings
  • Submit issues directly
  • Add comments and annotations
  • No plugins to install
  • No code changes needed
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It all flows right into your tools

Their feedback inside your workflow

Netlify brings feedback into your tools so you can continue to use the services that you’ve come to know and love: GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Linear, Shortcut, Trello, and more.

Graphic showing the Collaborative Deploy Previews UI

Notify with @replies

Tag team members with @replies to notify them in your favorite issue tracking platforms and make sure that the whole team stays aligned.

Graphic showing how to tag team members with @replies

Record browser metadata for every review

Automatically record browser metadata from every reviewer so developers can more easily reproduce and troubleshoot QA issues. Developers can also view in BrowserStack to replicate and test different reviewers’ browser environments.

Graphic showing how metadata are attached to every comment

Test responsive site performance

View your Deploy Preview with various device dimensions to test responsive features. Create a QR code that you can scan to see how your Deploy Preview performs on mobile or personal devices.

Graphic showing a QR code attached to your Deploy Preview

Handy access to deploy logs

See the logs from the most recent deploy—right in The Netlify Drawer.

Graphic showing Netlify build logs
Graphic showing the Collaborative Deploy Previews UI
Graphic showing how to tag team members with @replies
Graphic showing how metadata are attached to every comment
Graphic showing a QR code attached to your Deploy Preview
Graphic showing Netlify build logs

Empower every stakeholder to collaborate on Netlify

Collaborative Deploy Previews help developers get implementation feedback from stakeholders without disrupting development workflows.

  • Project Managers

    Prevent last-minute scrambles at the end of your release cycle by engaging stakeholders earlier in your development workflow

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    Web Developers

    Collect implementation feedback with your Deploy Previews without waiting for code reviews

  • Product Designers

    Iterate more quickly by leaving feedback about your designs before changes land in production

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    DevOps and SREs

    Integrate Netlify with existing CI/CD pipelines to automate approvals or create issue tickets

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