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Customer Stories

1,000,000+ developers and businesses trust Netlify. Discover a few of their projects, use cases and results.

“Netlify empowers our engineering teams to launch websites and campaigns in minutes with no-ops, a goal that has often been a pipe dream in our industry.”

Justin Watts
Engineering Director, Loblaw Digital

Reduced costs by 65%

Citrix executed a massive migration of their product documentation to Netlify ahead of schedule, resulting in a 65% cost savings and a significantly better user experience.

Fueling growth with the Jamstack

Peloton trusts Netlify as the build and serve platform for its website, ecommerce and user login infrastructure.

Launching a web campaign in record time

Nike created the Emmy-winning ‘Dream Crazy’ campaign and approached digital agency Matter Supply to launch it on the web within a month.

Streamlining DevOps and speeding up deploys by 10x

By adopting Netlify, TunnelBear’s team of engineers regained control over their process and site architecture while letting go of the processes that taxed developer productivity. Along with speed, Netlify’s High Performance Build infrastructure and multi-cloud edge network gives TunnelBear the confidence to build for the future.

“It used to take us ten minutes to build and deploy. Now with Netlify, it takes us one minute.”

Jared Krause
Tech Lead for Web Development

Manages traffic spikes with ease

Non-profit organization encouraging voter participation uses Netlify to manage 500+ partner sites and handle big traffic spikes around election season.

Enables community-sourced ecosystem map with deploy previews

Real-time previews are key to updating this popular market landscape, which is crowd-sourced from content editors, PR professionals, investors, advisors, and other non-developers.

Delivers web projects 30% faster

Cornerstone OnDemand migrated from an outdated, monolithic CMS architecture to the Netlify. Page loads are 25% faster and time to market for new pages and content has improved 30%.

"We now have the capability to develop easily and quickly. Netlify is a time saver, and a money saver."

Eric Johnson
Principal Web Developer

Deploys daily and with certainty

LiveChat, a customer service company delivering a platform for customer service, sales, and lead generation, uses Netlify for all of its websites, enabling the web dev team to iterate fast and independently.

"Moving all of LiveChat websites to Netlify has empowered our Web Dev Team to iterate fast and independently. Additionally, SysOps can now keep focus on LiveChat’s core services."

Maciej Malesa

Empowering globally distributed content creators

Netlify allows a team of globally distributed content creators to update the Sequoia website with no bottlenecks, pushing super fast and secure updates to its ADN.

Improved page load time

Horangi chose Netlify as a hosting platform because of its powerful and fast CDN, redirect management, deployment previews, and the best developer experience.

Reduced time to first load from 800ms to 80ms

Smashing Magazine migrated its large content and e-commerce site from WordPress to the Jamstack and Netlify for easier integrations, speed, and better performance.

"We have what we always wanted in terms of flexibility, speed, performance, and architecture for the front end."

Vitaly Friedman
Co-founder & Editor-In-Chief

Painless documentation site

Lodash chose Netlify for its HTTPS support for custom domains, but quickly fell in love with its build process, jekyll plugins, redirects & header configs.

"I love how painless everything is. Setting up HTTPS, redirects, headers, GeoIPs and build processes were all super simple. And if I had a question it was answered fast."

John-David Dalton

Launching sites and campaigns in minutes with no-ops

Netlify helps the Loblaw engineering productivity team achieve its mission of reducing toil, increasing happiness and getting sh!t done.

6x faster performance

Dr. Gustin, founder of Perfect Keto, adopted a Headless WordPress architecture with Netlify to improve average page load time from 6.2s to 750ms.

Scaling from 0 to 2 Million API Requests in a Few Weeks

Using Netlify, the COVID Tracking Project scaled easily and responded instantly. With millions of unique users staying up to date on COVID-19 data, the Project maintained its breakneck pace of compiling and reporting data.

"Having our stack be so solid, so stable, and so fast has been a saving grace in the middle of this otherwise extremely complex project."

Erin Kissane
Managing Editor

Modernizing Drupal on the Jamstack with 3x better performance

Longo's is a high-end grocery company in Canada with customers that expect a first-class experience. They worked with Therefore Interactive as their agency to modernize Drupal on the Jamstack, leveraging Netlify to deliver a better performing website and mobile experience.

"...we prioritized modern technology that could support our web-digital transformation goals...Running on Netlify, our website is more flexible and reliable, and performs three times faster than before."

Alicia Samuel
Vice President of Information Technology

Building a faster e-commerce experience

Victoria Beckham Beauty, a luxury clean beauty brand, saw speed and innovation as central to improving its e-commerce experience. It achieved a faster digital experience by integrating Contentful and Netlify with services like Shopify Plus to create high-performing sites.

Moving from WordPress to the Jamstack to supercharge content production

Learn about how better workflows helped Celonis go from managing just 100 web pages to adding and maintaining 100+ pages per month on Netlify. It saved $60K after retiring its off-site page building tools.

“More than 60 people in the company can now deploy pages without intervention, without any communication with the website development team."

Brandon Ortiz
Vice President of Content Marketing

An agency keeps its sites lightning fast

Carrot Creative, a New York agency owned by Vice Media, has clients from Ferrari to H&M. This agency keeps its sites cool and lightning fast, and especially appreciates Netlify features like deploy previews, forms, webhooks, and more.

Handled huge traffic spikes

Sphero, maker of programmable robots and STEAM-based educational tools, handled huge traffic spikes for their marketing site on Netlify when they launched a replica of the BB-8 robot, based on the cool Star Wars droid.

From WordPress to Jamstack: ButcherBox moves to Headless Commerce

ButcherBox, the neighborhood butcher for modern America, transitioned from a monolith to the Jamstack architecture, improving page speed and performance. Learn how its page speed went from 4 seconds to under 1 second using Netlify.

Uses Netlify’s powerful developer workflows to drive customer success

This 3D and e-commerce software startup for custom made products invests in its developer velocity and experience with Netlify to get to market faster. Learn about how it went from CloudFront and AWS to Netlify’s coupled build and hosting tools, allowing the team to move faster and iterate more seamlessly without any additional effort.

Let’s discuss your project is now powered by @Netlify with a free open source team plan. Really really impressive and smooth deployment experience.

Evan You @youyuxi

Haven’t been as impressed by a software product as I am with @Netlify in a long time. Huge time saver, works as promised. Neat stuff, folks.

Chance Griffin @cbgriffin

I think @netlify might just be the very best SaaS app I have ever had the privilege to use. It is just *amazing*.

Emma Barnes #FBPE @has_many_books

Just migrated a few SPAs to @Netlify. Literally impossible to make the process any easier. Super impressive 👍🏻

Jared Truscott @TruJared

Gotta say, @Netlify has gotten really good. Great for hosting PWAs/static sites. So many powerful free features!

Henrik Joreteg @HenrikJoreteg

I just took @Netlify out for the first time and it’s nuts: CI/CD, forms, split testing are supported out of the box. Lambda functions are in beta.

Steve Kinney @stevekinney

just migrated my @GoHugoIO blog from github pages to @Netlify. Totally hassle free. @letsencrypt certificate in 1 click. One word: ❤️

Alessandro Baffa @alebaffa