Case study

Loblaw Digital

Launching sites and campaigns in minutes with no-ops.

Loblaw is Canada’s largest online retailer


In revenue in 2017, making Loblaw Canada’s largest retailer


People engage with Loblaw’s digital platforms every single day


Of Canadians shop in one of Loblaw’s stores every week

Case study screenshot
Netlify +


Faster To Interactive


Better Performance


Better Accessibility




Reduce in Time to Market


Monthly Cost Savings

Epic Process Transformation

Netlify helps the Loblaw engineering productivity team achieve its mission of reducing toil, increasing happiness and getting sh!t done.

Before Netlify

9 Products ×
7 Years

Before Netlify, Loblaw was relying on a much slower, traditional system, which in turn made each deployment relatively slow. An average of 1 Digital Product per year.

After Netlify

11 Products ×
4 Months

After replacing an archaic system of slow feedback, hand-off delays and deployment, Loblaw was able to bring digital products to life 20x faster.

Horizontal bar chart displaying the products shipped per year before and after Netlify

Massive Improvements on Stack

Two Lighthouse screenshots comparing before and after Netlify

Great changes were made on Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and even SEO.