• Single-member plan for personal projects, prototypes, or getting started.


    Highlighted features:

    • Single member seat

    • Global edge network

    • Live site previews with collaboration UI

    • 100GB bandwidth

    • 300 build minutes

    • Instant rollbacks

    • Static assets

    • Dynamic serverless functions


    • Additional bandwidth

    • Additional build minutes

  • Team collaboration for professional web projects.


    Everything in Starter, plus:

    • Background functions

    • Password-protected sites

    • 1TB bandwidth

    • 25,000 build minutes

    • Team audit logs with 7-day history

    • Shared environment variables

    • Support for organization-owned private Git repos

    • Slack & email notifications

    • Email support


    • Additional member seats

    • Additional bandwidth

    • Additional build minutes

  • Control, compliance, and support for large scale organizations


    Everything in Pro, plus:

    • Secrets controller

    • Security features

    • Org-level SSO and SCIM

    • Organization management

    • Custom billing

    • New sites from org-wide themes and components

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Fast, dynamic web experiences powered by the Netlify platform

Netlify Feature List

Starter $0 to get started Start for free
Pro $19/month per member Start free trial or buy now
Enterprise Custom pricing Contact Sales
Only pay for the capacity you use Only pay for the capacity you use

Trigger deploys on Netlify or log into the Netlify platform UI. Sites connected to public repos will not have membership requirements for deploys.

Limited to 1 free member, with free & unlimited Git Contributors

$19 /month per member,
including active Git Contributors



Provide feedback with collaborative Deploy Previews.




Concurrent builds

Run more than one build at the same time so that new commits to a project are built even if existing builds aren’t yet finished.


(then $40 each)



100GB /month
(then $55 per 100GB)

1TB /month
(then $55 per 100GB)


Build minutes

The time it takes Netlify to build your site — to run site generators, compile JavaScript, and perform other tasks.

300 minutes /month
(then $7 per 500)

25k minutes /month
(then $7 per 500)



The number of your websites that Netlify will support with a single workflow for hosting, continuous integration, and deployment pipeline.

500 sites

500 sites


Serverless functions Invocations

Deploy serverless functions directly within Netlify. They’re version-controlled, built, and deployed along with the rest of your Netlify site.

125k per site /month
($25+ when exceeded)

125k per site /month
($25+ when exceeded)


Edge Functions Invocations

Run JavaScript in a dedicated runtime in the Netlify Edge.

1M /month
($2/m when exceeded)

2M /month
($2/m when exceeded)


Forms Submissions

Add a simple attribute to any HTML form to start receiving submissions in your Netlify site admin panel, without JavaScript or any backend coding.

100 per site /month
($19+ when exceeded)

100 per site /month
($19+ when exceeded)


Site Analytics

Data captured directly from our servers, presented simply and beautifully.

$9 per site /month

$9 per site /month


Real User Metrics

Understand site performance based on user-centric Web Vitals that rely on real user interactions with your production site.

7-day history


Log Drains

Export site traffic, function, and edge function logs from Netlify’s CDN to third-party monitoring services for analysis, alerting, and data persistence.


Fortified bandwidth Advanced web security + Dedicated network

Enhanced performance and comprehensive security with Rate Limiting, Traffic Rules, DDoS protection and Managed Rulesets


Build sites faster Build sites faster
Visual editor

Autonomously perform content and website updates faster than ever before with an intuitive visual editor

One-click rollbacks

Instantly roll back your production environment to a previous version of your site.

Build plugins

Add powerful capabilities to every build. Click to install from a catalog of community plugins or create your own.

Scope environment variables per deploy context

Customize environment variables for different deploy contexts, i.e. staging vs. production.

Scope environment variables per feature

Limit where environment variables can be used, such as builds, functions, or post processing.

Shared environment variables

Set team-level variables that are shared by all sites owned by the team. These can be overridden by settings at the site level.

Secrets controller, Security Scorecard, SOC 2

Environment variable values can be marked as secret, applying a strict access policy to them and enabling sophisticated secrets scanning of code and build output.

Lighthouse scores on deploys list

Easily compare Lighthouse scores for each deploy on the deploys list in the Netlify UI.

Password-protected websites

Site-wide protection, where only visitors with a valid password have access.

Password-protected private deploys

Non-production deploy password protection (including deploy previews and branch deploys), where only visitors with a valid password have access.

Team login-protected sites and deploys

Site-wide or non-production deploy protection, where only visitors within your Netlify team have access (including SSO authentication).

Basic authentication headers

Use custom HTTP headers to password protect paths of your site or specific branch previews.

Custom deployment options for functions

Increase execution limits, increase memory, or set a custom AWS region.

Background Functions

Execute long-running asynchronous functions for up to 15 minutes.

Slack & email deploy notifications

Notify a Slack channel or send an email when a deploy succeeds, fails, or hits other milestones. This is in addition to webhook, Zapier, & Git notifications available on all plans.

Support for organization-owned private repositories

Connect Netlify to your private GitHub repositories owned by organization accounts.

Support for GitHub Enterprise Server or self-managed GitLab and Bitbucket

Connect Netlify to your publicly accessible repositories in GitHub Enterprise Server or self-managed GitLab, or connect to private repositories in Bitbucket Data Center and Server.

Priority build environment

5x faster processing power (10vCPUs), 6x more memory (36GB), and 4x higher concurrency than the standard build environment.

Private connectivity

Ensure secure network connectivity while accessing Netlify’s full suite of features


Deploy & host instantly Deploy & host instantly
Global edge deployments

Globally distributed CDN designed for fast, low latency Jamstack sites and web apps.

Instant cache invalidation

Once a build is uploaded for your website or web app, the changes in the build are instantly pushed to our global CDN and go live immediately.

Visitor access control

Set granular access to your site, or to specific pages. We use JSON Web Tokens (JWT), roles, and redirect rules to grant access to those sections. And it all happens at the CDN level.

99.99% uptime SLA
Collaborate across larger teams Collaborate across larger teams
Netlify SDK

Improve developer productivity with streamlined integrations, gain the flexibility you need to build a composable architecture that scales, and accelerate your time-to-market.

Branch and pull request previews

Deploy a live preview of your site, enable reviewers to leave high-quality, visual feedback, and sync feedback to the pull request and productivity tools.

Team management

Set up teams of Netlify users to collaborate on specific sites. Each Netlify user can be a member of multiple teams.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Use one time passwords from your favorite authentication apps to secure access to your Netlify account.

Netlify access control

Set roles and permissions for every member of your team, what sites they can access and what they can do.

Multiple owners

Give more people the ability to add team members, set user permissions, transfer sites, and more.

Audit logs

A log of Netlify actions made by members of your team so you can keep track of what changes were made, when, and by whom.

7-day history

Full history

Functions log retention

Logs to help you observe and troubleshoot serverless functions.

24-hour history

7-day history

Full history

Edge Functions log retention

Logs to help you observe and troubleshoot edge functions.

24-hour history

7-day history

7-day history

Deploy retention policy

Preserve deploys older than 90 days for reference or one-click rollbacks.

Retention policies up to 365 days

SAML single sign-on

Integrate your existing SSO provider to authenticate users to the Netlify UI.

Billing Admin role
Manage users & teams more securely Manage users & teams more securely
Org-level SSO

Enable SAML to be implemented only once across all teams.


Empower Netlify admins to automatically provision access and assign permissions in buckets in a secure environment.

Site-level access control

Provision custom permission settings for each user.


Self-serve team creation

Provide complete autonomy for creating, deleting, editing, and managing teams.


Develop locally Develop locally
Netlify CLI & dev server

Deploy sites and configure continuous deployment from the command line on your local machine.

Live share your dev environment

Share your development server to a live URL over HTTPS.

Get support Get support
Community forum

Get questions answered quickly from our Netlify-staffed and community-supported forum and knowledge base.

Email technical support

Get help directly from the Netlify team.

24×7×365 support with SLA

Production support, with anytime access to the Netlify support engineers who can help resolve issues and answer questions quickly.

Upgrade to Pro

  • More bandwidth
  • Background Functions
  • Password-protected sites
  • Slack & email notifications

$19 per member /month

Start free 30-day Pro trial


How does team membership affect billing?

The team Owner is billed based on the number of active members, your team plan’s member limit, and your team’s usage. Teams will not be charged for Reviewers.

Netlify will send a notification email to Team Owners when teams approach the member limit for their current team plan.

Your team will be charged for Git Contributors if you are on a Netlify Pro or Netlify Enterprise plan.

Visit our documentation on deploy permissions for more information.

How does billing work for metered features and extra usage packages?

Metered features are priced based on your usage. When a site’s usage of a metered feature reaches the limit of the current level, it triggers an automatic upgrade to the next level, or purchase of an extra usage package.

With metered features, some usage thresholds trigger an automatic upgrade to the next level, and others trigger purchase of an extra usage package.

Extra usage packages increase your allowance for all metered features in the package — including ones that are still below their limit.

For more information on usage, visit our Billing docs.

Can I pay for my Pro plan annually?

No, only Netlify Enterprise plans come with an annual payment option.

Can I pay with PayPal, wire transfer, crypto, or any method other than credit card?

Netlify only accepts credit cards unless you have a Netlify Enterprise plan, in which case we do accept payment via ACH or wire transfer.

Can I set a limit of metered features and have it shut off when the limit is reached?

No, Netlify does not offer automatic feature shut off.

If I choose to downgrade from one Netlify plan to another, how and when does the downgrade go into effect?

When making a downgrade from one Netlify plan to another, the downgrade goes into effect immediately and will be reflected in your next billing cycle.