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Build, deploy, & run
Gatsby on Netlify

Netlify is the most comprehensive (and most popular) platform for Gatsby sites.

More than half of all Gatsby sites are deployed on Netlify.

There’s a reason: Netlify is the all-in-one platform that does way more than just build your Gatsby site. Get everything teams need for modern web applications—from local development to production deployment—all in one place.

Run Gatsby with the full power of a global platform complete with cloud functions, forms, large media handling, identity management and more. It's all wrapped in a completely automated development workflow with continuous deployment, unlimited staging environments, split testing, and even full rollbacks.


Deploy a Netlify + Gatsby site

  • Automated deployments
  • Global distribution
  • Unlimited staging
  • Instant rollbacks

Netlify has deployed hundreds of thousands of GatsbyJS projects including this campaign site from Nike.

Make Gatsby do more

  • Deploy straight from your repo

    Connect to GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket for instant continuous deployment.

  • Automated global distribution

    Netlify deploys your site to edge nodes worldwide for blazing fast site delivery.

  • Add form handling (no server needed)

    Add a simple attribute to automatically save form entries. Browse them in your Netlify dashboard.

  • Handle large media right in Git

    Bring the power of Git version control to assets as large as 1GB or more.

  • Extend with serverless functions

    Build a Gatsby site that processes input, integrates APIs, connects to databases, and more.

  • Add identity/authorization to your app

    Add secure user accounts, roles, and access control to your Gatsby projects.

Netlify Functions

Give backend superpowers to your frontend code.

Deploy AWS Lambda functions without configuring API gateways, coordinating deployments, or setting up an AWS account.

Learn more

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Love from Twitter for Gatsby + Netlify

Omg I just tried Netlify + Gatsby for the first time last month and it’s fantastic with a ton of potential! Glad developer experience is important there. Love how easy it is to find things you most commonly need (adding a pw, branch deploys, post to Slack..)

Bianca @__biancat

I can verify this. Deployed a gatsby site to Netlify late last night while being half awake. It’s that easy.

Ucchishta Sivaguru @uccmen

Yesterday I downloaded the @gatsbyjs starter, deployed to Netlify, and re-routed to my custom domain within 10 minutes. I have never had such an incredible development experience ❤️ If you haven’t Gatsby’d, what are you waiting for?!

Emma Wedekind @EmmaWedekind

I’ve completely re-done my site to use @gatsbyjs and deploy using @Netlify - super impressed so far! I followed @andrew_j_mead excellent course: #gatsbyjs

Sam Ransom @sjransom

Gatsby & Netlify CMS: a perfect pairing

Tableless @tableless

I love Gatsby. My website turn around rate is becoming really amazing. I love Netlify too. #JavaScript #Gatsby #100DaysOfCode #BlackTechTwitter #coding #Developer

Edison Ade @buzzedison

Deploy a Netlify + Gatsby site in under 2 minutes, for free

We’ll set up a new repo on GitHub and deploy it to Netlify.