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Node.js 8.10 now available in Netlify functions

Netlify's AWS Lambda integration now includes support for Node.js 8.10


Phil Hawksworth wrote this on April 3, 2018

JAMstack architecture on Netlify: How Identity and Functions work together

In this tutorial we'll take a deeper look at how to use Functions together with Netlify’s Identity feature to access and update user data, and allow your users to send you a message that you receive directly on Slack. All it takes is a little bit of glue code to bring the services together.


Matt Biilmann wrote this on March 29, 2018

Netlify's AWS Lambda functions bring the backend to your frontend workflow

Netlify now handles your AWS Lambda functions so you don't have to. Bring all the power of microservices to your site without setting up servers, writing server-side code, or managing multiple accounts.


Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach wrote this on March 20, 2018

Create your own URL shortener with Netlify's Forms and Functions

Create a URL shortener that uses your own custom domain with Netlify Functions and Forms


Phil Hawksworth wrote this on March 19, 2018

How to use split tests to give users access to private features

[Video] Did you know that you can use Netlify's split testing (beta) feature to give your users the ability to opt-in to private betas and version of your site.


Phil Hawksworth wrote this on March 2, 2018

Built on Netlify: deploy a site with Scrivito CMS

When you deploy a site that uses Scrivito CMS, you're actually deploying on Netlify. This means access to all of the workflow essentials like like continuous deployment, domain management, and HTTPS.


Mathias Biilmann wrote this on February 26, 2018

Adopting GraphQL with Graphcool

In episode 25 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Johannes Schickling and Soren Bramer Schmidt, the co-founders of Graphcool, a GraphQL backend development framework. They discuss the evolution of GraphQL, the communities that surround it and its use in production.


Brian Douglas wrote this on February 8, 2018

Server-Side Rendering with Postmates

In Ep. #24 of JAMstack Radio, Brian is joined by Trey Huffine, software engineer at Postmates, an on-demand delivery service based in San Francisco. The pair discusses the pros and cons of server-side rendering and the joys of React. Stick around for the latest picks!


Brian Douglas wrote this on January 25, 2018

Getting Started with JWT and Identity

Netlify recently launched the beta version of its Identity service, a JSON web token (JWT)-based user authentication service. I work on the Support team at Netlify, and I’ve seen firsthand that JWT and user management can be a little daunting. So, this post will provide both a closer look at JWT, as well as an overview on how to implement Netlify’s Identity service. By the way, JWT-based access control can be used with any JWT authentication provider, like Auth0 or a even a self-hosted server.


Gerald Onyango wrote this on January 23, 2018

Using Preact with Storybook 3

Storybook is built for React, so if you're using Preact you'll need to do a bit of configuration to get it going. This tutorial will help you get up and running with Storybook 3 and Preact.


Mathias Biilmann wrote this on January 17, 2018

Don’t let your site be slow and vulnerable.