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The Reign of Static Site Generators 👑

Here’s our take on the history of static site generators, current trends, and where we see them heading moving forward (spoiler alert: look for serverless functions and headless CMSs to push the category forward).


Divya Sasidharan wrote this on July 12, 2018

Building Serverless CRUD apps with Netlify Functions & FaunaDB

This tutorial demonstrates how to build a CRUD backend using Netlify serverless functions and FaunaDB as the datastore.


David Wells wrote this on July 9, 2018

Deploy a free Gatsby, Hugo, or Eleventy website template in 30 seconds

We’ve started a collection of quick-start website project templates. Whether you're looking for a free Gatsby blog template or a Gulp build pipeline, we've got easy options to deploy them for free in 30 seconds.


Phil Hawksworth wrote this on July 3, 2018

All new sites on Netlify are HTTPS by default

If you're hosting your site on Netlify, we'll automatically request a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, enabling HTTPS by default.


david calavera wrote this on July 2, 2018

5 pro-tips and plugins for optimizing your Gatsby + Netlify site

Get the most out of Gatsby and Netlify with a few handy tips for your setup


Dennis Padiernos wrote this on June 28, 2018

Buy and secure a custom domain through Netlify

Purchase a custom domain through Netlify and we'll automatically configure your site with DNS and HTTPS.


Bret Comnes wrote this on June 19, 2018

Bring your own reCAPTCHA to Netlify Forms

Protect your Netlify Forms with your own reCAPTCHA 2 site keys.


David Calavera wrote this on May 23, 2018

Netlify now shows your deploy status on its favicon

A short introduction to Netlify's status favicons, and the process and ideas behind their creation.


Bret Comnes & Rafael Conde wrote this on May 22, 2018

How Netlify migrated to a fully multi-cloud infrastructure

Learn how Netlify migrated to a fully multi-cloud infrastructure.


Ryan Neal wrote this on May 14, 2018

Node.js 8.10 now available in Netlify functions

Netlify's AWS Lambda integration now includes support for Node.js 8.10


Phil Hawksworth wrote this on April 3, 2018

Don’t let your site be slow and vulnerable.