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Welcome to the Press Resource Portal for all things Netlify.

We’re happy to provide you logos, product images and photos of the Netlify team.

We aim to perfect a unified platform that automates code; creating high-performance, easily-maintainable sites and web-apps. Users simply push their code and let us take care of the rest.

Netlify Logos

Feel free to download and use the logo assets below. Please do not modify or change the resources below. Be sure to abide by the usage rules noted under each asset.

Netlify Badges

Feel free to copy these code snippets to include on your site (no assets required).

  • A.M. Douglas, Freelance Developer says...

    "I've moved all the static pages of @sitevalidator... @netlify and it's blazingly fast! Their CDN rocks."

  • Allen May, Developer at OmniSpear says...

    "I created a new Netlify account, linked to @github and deployed content to @netlify within five minutes, from my iPhone. Pretty cool stuff!"

  • Sean King, Cofounder of Simpaio says...

    "My new favourite dev service - @netlify is amazing...I'm in love."

  • Wade Warren, VP Engineering at Wikia says...

    "Are you tired of fighting with every #WordPress #Security #Vulnerability? @Netlify may be the solution..."

  • Taus Ansvig So, Interactify says...

    "@bitfalls have you seen @netlify? faster, more features, and not acquired by anyone (knock on wood)"

  • Adam Florin, Pitch Inc / Triple Canopy says...

    "My long-suffering WordPress site will be getting new life as a static deploy with @hexojs and @Netlify… What's so great about a database??"

  • Jaime Iniesta, Freelance Web Dev says...

    "I've moved all the static pages of @sitevalidator (blog, docs, sales page) to @netlify and it's blazingly fast! Their CDN rocks."

  • Rajat Goyal @entangledmass says...

    "@Netlify Feels like Jenkins + s3 + cdn abstracted into simple commands. Awesome. Thanks."

  • Jon Johnson, Developer says...

    "@Netlify is now building @github pull requests! Incredibly easy setup for manual testing of #emberjs apps is now within reach! HUZZAH!"

  • @phiberoptik says...

    "@biilmann, @Netlify your continual integration is so silky smooth. It's a snap to setup, and rock solid. #muchLove #static4life"

  • Site Validator, HTML/CSS/A11Y Site-wide Validation says...

    "@netlify offers the simplest integration possible for continuous validation http://sitevalidatordocs.netlify.com/continuous-validation/#example-netlify …"

  • Simon @ferianceck says...

    "@Netlify You are killing it! I love devs that are accessible. Stay awesome."

  • John Runion @dc_coder says...

    "Uh....I think I love you @Netlify ... crazy load times!!! @angularjs and @gruntjs make things easier too :)"

  • Sean King, Co-founder of Simplaio says...

    "My new favourite dev service - @netlify is amazing. Automated builds, Akamai CDN, easy redirects, proxying for CORS. I'm in love."

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