Netlify Report Reveals Increased Adoption of Composable Web Architecture

The State of Web Development report shows developers stifled by monolithic architecture are increasingly turning to composable

SAN FRANCISCO – December 12, 2023Netlify, the platform for modern composable web development, today announced the findings of The State of Web Development (previously the Jamstack Community Survey). The report is a definitive guide to the trends and strategies shaping the future of web development, including the transformative role of AI.

Businesses everywhere are cutting budgets to cope with a challenging macroeconomic climate, yet customers continue to demand innovative digital experiences. The monolithic web architecture of the previous decade was not designed to tackle these business dilemmas of today, due to inefficient developer workflows, flexibility, and performance. To maintain competitive advantage and customer retention, enterprises must start by futureproofing their web architecture.

Composable Architecture Unlocks New Opportunities for Enterprises

Composable web architecture, or the decoupling of the frontend of your tech stack from the backend, has emerged as the preferred alternative to monolithic architecture, with 75% of respondents having built solutions with composable architecture in the past year.

Teams that have adopted composable web architecture are seeing tangible business results, including cost savings (37%), faster time-to-market (48%), higher productivity (58%), noticeable increases in website performance (48%) and greater ability to customize and personalize customer experiences (43%).

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that monoliths have fallen behind the world’s rapid pace of innovation,” said Matt Biilmann, co-founder and CEO, Netlify. “As the web is revolutionized by technology like AI, the time for business leaders to rethink their web architecture is now. Composable architecture offers the speed, freedom, scalability, and performance that every business is seeking.”

However, shifting from monolith to composable architecture is a significant undertaking. In fact, 44% of developers said they would build with composable right away if they had a clear path of where to begin. Teams also reported lacking the resources (29%) and technical talent (21%) required to make the change. 

AI Success Requires a Modern Web Architecture

The 80% of developers that have integrated AI into their workflow are quickly reaping the benefits. Seventy percent report using AI to automate manual and repetitive tasks and 42% are using it to improve internal knowledge sharing and increase productivity, freeing up more time for impactful work and enabling faster launch times. Over 50% of developers also realized new opportunities that AI created, such as generating new web projects with a single prompt or reading API documentation.

However, AI experimentation is not without its own unique challenges. Developers are concerned about receiving incorrect answers and information (65%), security issues and leaking confidential information (52%), a lack of regulation (48%), and a decrease in code quality (45%).

Overcoming these challenges and taking full advantage of the opportunity AI presents will require a flexible and agile web architecture. However, 32% of developers that still rely on monoliths reported that key resources are absorbed by maintenance of their architecture, leaving little room for experimentation with new technologies. AI can enable teams to deliver web experiences to market at breakneck speed, but businesses without a modern web architecture risk being outpaced by competitors that have outgrown legacy monoliths.

The Netlify State of Web Development 2023 is based on an online survey of 6,407 developers and executives globally. To read the full report, please visit To begin your journey towards composable web architecture, learn more about Netlify’s Composable Web Platform.

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