Jamstack Innovation Fund

We’re proud to welcome the first batch of 10 brilliant Jamstack companies

We’re investing in the future of the web. Our goal is to fuel a healthy, vibrant and diverse Jamstack ecosystem by providing funding, advisory services and awareness for early-stage startups. Come build a better web with us.

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Why start a fund?

Netlify is a platform that unites the frameworks, APIs, and developer tools in the Jamstack ecosystem into a cohesive developer workflow. We succeed when the ecosystem succeeds. The bigger and more solutions in the ecosystem, the more choice developers have, and the more they can do with Netlify.

To help launch new solutions, Netlify founders Matt and Chris, have been supporting the Jamstack ecosystem through angel investments. Now, we’re making it official and turning the dial up! More funding and resources for more startups, a bigger ecosystem, and a win for everyone involved.

  • It’s a win for founders

    You get capital you need to get your idea off the ground from investors who are in your corner, and access to experts deeply involved in the space.

  • It’s a win for developers

    A robust Jamstack ecosystem gives developers more choice and empowers them to create better experiences with less effort.

  • It’s a win for the web

    We want the open web to win, not be walled gardens. We can reach that goal by making it dramatically easier to build ultra-fast, secure, compelling web experiences. A vibrant Jamstack ecosystem makes it easier to do just that.

Jamstack Innovation Fund batch one announced!

What are the benefits for startups?

Funding & Advisory

  • $100K early investment

  • Business advisory services from Heavybit industry experts & Netlify leaders

Marketing Exposure

  • Jamstack Conf

  • Portfolio podcast

  • Netlify blog & channels

  • Press release & announcements

  • Netlify Integration Hub & partner program benefits


  • Convene with peers building early-stage companies

  • Access to potential influencers, partners, and talent

Product Distribution

  • Better together integration for Jamstack developers

  • Consulting from product & engineering leaders

  • Netlify roadmap exposure & joint planning

Past angel investments

Apply to the Jamstack Innovation Fund

Before you submit an application, make sure your company meets these requirements:

  • Your company is at the pre-seed or seed stage.
  • Your product directly supports the Jamstack ecosystem. This includes developer tools, design tools, APIs, headless platforms, serverless databases, frameworks, and build tools.

We’ll follow up with a detailed application form where you can tell us more about your startup. We review applications on a rolling basis after they’re submitted. Questions? Contact us.