Netlify Announces First Investments for Jamstack Innovation Fund

Selected companies furthering the Jamstack ecosystem and empowering the developers building the modern web

SAN FRANCISCO – July 12, 2022Netlify, the platform for modern web development, today announced the first cohort of the Jamstack Innovation Fund, created by Netlify to support the early-stage companies that are driving forward the modern web by arming developer teams with Jamstack-based tooling and practices.

Jamstack is an architectural approach that decouples the web experience from data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance and maintainability. Each of the startups Netlify has invested in offers a unique technology that adds to the best development experience for the web. They include ChiselStrike, a prototype-to-production data platform; Clerk, the first authentication service purpose-built for Jamstack; Clutch, a visual editor for Jamstack solutions; Convex, a global state management platform; Deno, a modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript; Everfund, a developer-first nonprofit tool to build custom fundraising systems; NuxtLabs, making web development intuitive with NuxtJS, an open source framework for Vue.js; Snaplet, a tool for copying Postgres databases; TakeShape, a GraphQL API mesh; and Tigris Data, a zero-ops backend for web and mobile apps.

Jamstack Innovation Fund companies: ChiselStrike, Clerk, Clutch, Convex, Deno, Everfund, NuxtLabs, Snaplet, TakeShape, Tigris Data.

“The reception of our fund and program has been better than we could have ever hoped for. The quality of the first cohort is outstanding and consists of the most promising new startups in the Jamstack ecosystem,” said Chris Bach, co-founder and Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at Netlify. “We’re delighted to support these inventive companies that are shaping the future of the modern web. When the ecosystem wins, we all win.”

The Jamstack Innovation Fund has a goal of investing $10 million in the global, diverse Jamstack ecosystem. In addition to a $100,000 investment, Netlify provides a startup program completely free of charge. It includes startup advisory services from industry leaders, product and integration support, and exposure to the Jamstack community.

Netlify is accepting rolling submissions to the next batch of the Jamstack Innovation Fund. Join Netlify and the ecosystem at Jamstack Conf on November 7-8, 2022.

Supporting Quotes

“Our mission is to create the best experience for Vue developers. This investment and program will help us continue to deliver enterprise-grade solutions for the developers building the modern web,” said Alexandre Chopin, Chairman at NuxtLabs.

“At Everfund, we’re lowering the bar for developers to help nonprofits adapt to digitization. In our quest to become the go-to nonprofit tool for Jamstack developers, there’s no better partner than Netlify,” said Christopher Burns, CEO at Everfund.

“Netlify has set the standard for modern application deployments. This investment will enable ChiselStrike to add the data layer to that equation in an equally seamless way,” said Glauber Costa, CEO at ChiselStrike.

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