Netlify Large Media

Manage binary files of any size right in your repo, just like code.

Now you can commit the big stuff

Problem: Git used to hate large files

Traditionally, you needed to exclude any large files from Git so repositories don’t become an unmanageable size and make collaboration difficult. But then where and how do you actually manage these assets?

Solution: Netlify Large Media

Netlify Large Media reduces what’s tracked in Git into tiny text aliases, making your repo potentially thousands of times smaller. The binary data is then stored securely in our blob store and automatically fetched whenever needed. It’s all based on the open source technology Git LFS.

Everything needed for large media

Add full-resolution source files and resize them as they are served

Commit supersized source files

Bring the power of version control to assets as large as 1GB or more. Manage everything with the same Git workflow. Branching, merging, rollbacks… it all just works.

Transform images on the fly

Need a few different sizes? Netlify Large Media allows you to scale and crop images in realtime using simple URL parameters. Thumbnails, responsive image sets, and other variations can be created on the fly without manual work or generating them at build time.

Fine-grained controls

Specify which files are handled as large media and which are fully included in the repository. Tell Netlify Large Media to manage individual files, all files of a particular type, or entire directories.

When developers don’t need large media locally, they can use the handy `fetchexclude` setting to skip lengthy downloads.

It all works where you do

Because it’s based on open source, you can work with assets on Netlify Large Media in Github, GitLab, BitBucket, the terminal, or most desktop Git clients.

Build sites faster

Since images can be transformed as they are served, you can avoid manipulating images during your build step, greatly increasing the speed at which your site builds and deploys.

Head to the docs for more details

Free to start, scales with your usage

Scale by the number of transformations you require