Netlify Core

Deploy faster

Netlify Core is a frontend cloud solution for developers to build and deploy future-proof digital solutions with modern, composable tooling that works with all modern frameworks.

Build digital experiences faster

Netlify Core provides developers with the platform and workflow to immediately focus on building websites and apps without dedicating time and resources on labor-intensive operations.

  • Create a new project or import an existing one in seconds from Git repositories
  • Automated continuous delivery pushes projects live in a single click
  • Netlify High-Performance Build delivers websites and content faster than ever
  • Netlify integrates seamlessly with 70+ partner solutions

Preview and collaborate across teams within a single workflow

Netlify enhances team collaboration with automated Deploy Previews for every website change, so any team member can easily weigh in and review updates, enabling you to deliver web projects faster and smarter.

Single workflow

  • Netlify meets you where you are, supporting more Git repos and integrations with your chosen third-party tracking tools

Better testing

  • Protect all Deploy Previews with a password
  • Automatically capture browser metadata to streamline troubleshooting and code fixes

Collaborate deeper

  • Provide feedback with comments and annotations, and more detailed reviews with screenshots and screen recordings
  • Automatically opens issues or tickets where you stakeholders work

Deploy websites and apps at scale

Netlify Core offers enterprise-grade, pre-configured infrastructure backed by SLA and optimized for content delivery, enhanced personalization, and immediate global availability.

  • Netlify Edge

    Netlify Edge, an Application Delivery Network (ADN) dynamically scales to meet any traffic demand.

  • Composable architectures

    Composable architectures are faster and more secure by design, reduce risk with a modular approach, and provide superior control and governance.

  • Globally available

    Netlify’s enterprise-grade network is backed by a 99.99% SLA. Your content delivered with the best performance, guaranteed.

Why choose Netlify Core?

  • Compatible with all modern frameworks
  • Single workflow with unified release management across your stack
  • 10PB+ Data served
  • 4M+ developers
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Over 35M+ websites are built with Netlify
  • Enterprise-grade security and services

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