Netlify Create

Click, edit, publish

Netlify Create gives digital teams the freedom to autonomously perform content and website updates faster than ever before with an intuitive visual editor.

Increased speed to website updates with visual editing

Netlify Create unblocks the marketer - developer workflow, so you can launch campaigns faster and more often.

Developers can focus on shipping code, making your team more impactful than ever

  • Ship updates faster with tech that doesn’t slow you down

    Remove friction with an intuitive user experience that simplifies creating, updating, and publishing website updates

  • Automatically update content sources with the latest changes

    Automatically write changes from the visual editor to backend content systems so teams don’t have to switch between systems.

    Preview updates live, get team reviews, and collaborate deeper in a single system.

Marketers can focus on delivering awe inspiring campaigns

Netlify Create delivers the power to launch more campaigns, pages, and sites faster with effortless visual editing that gives marketing and product teams the freedom to create content autonomously, unblocking your developers to work on high impact projects.

Unblock your teams

  • Faster time-to-market with optimized web processes that ensure seamlessly delivery of web team’s projects
  • Eliminate the ticket vortex between Marketers and Developers by empowering non-developers to perform website updates autonomously

Best-in-class SEO

  • SEO experts can tune any field on any page to attain superior SEO effectiveness

Before Netlify Create:

We knew there had to be a better way...

This is what your workflow looks like with Netlify Create:

De-risk and simplify web projects

Netlify Create integrates seamlessly with your chosen content systems, frameworks, and architectures, providing an intuitive visual editing experience.

  • Build with anything. Netlify Create is technology agnostic so developers can continue to build with their way
  • Begin building today with a no-risk installation with zero production footprint or dependencies
  • Do more with the power of visual editing and live preview, simplifying website updates regardless of content source
  • Introduce the power of simplicity to your composable web projects

Integrations include

  • Sanity
  • Contentful
  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • Sitecore
  • Drupal

Why choose Netlify Create?

  • Compatible with all modern frameworks
  • Single workflow for launching content-led digital experiences faster
  • Supports multi-site strategies
  • Build with ease, whether utilizing a single content source or multiple sources