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Drupal sites

Build and deploy Drupal sites using a modern Jamstack approach, on Netlify’s all-in-one platform for web development

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Higher Performance
37% Better SEO Results
Longos store interior

A modern and engaging online shopping experience with Drupal and Netlify

One of the largest grocery chains in Canada, Moved their Drupal+Netlify, for a faster web experience that was easier to adapt to changing market conditions

  • ecommerce carting
  • integrated loyalty program
  • book and track cooking classes

More speed. Less spend.

Netlify brings a modern web architecture without losing the Drupal experience

A win for users

Fast, global edge performance

Sites load in a fraction of the time because they’re pre-rendered and served directly from Netlify’s High-Performance Edge network.

A win for developers

Adopt modern workflows & tools

Get setup faster and ship more often with Netlify’s modern developer workflows. Build compelling experiences in any templating engine or frontend framework.

A win for the CTO & CFO

Way lower cost and complexity

Absorb huge traffic bursts without ever burdening your origin infrastructure. Netlify prerenders and caches web pages across our global network.

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How it works

Familiar but faster

Drupal power meets Netlify performance

Keep Drupal as a best-in-class CMS for managing content.

  • The Drupal content editing experience you know
  • Three times faster pages and instantaneous scaling — with less cost & complexity
  • Deliver secure web properties without needing to expose your Drupal origin to public traffic
Ace your Lighthouse scores

A seamless integration

Run Drupal as a headless CMS with Netlify building your site and delivering it to end users.

  • Netlify listens for any changes from Drupal and new content is fetched using Drupal’s APIs
  • Netlify prerenders your entire site using any tools and frameworks you configure
  • Once generated, your site is deployed across Netlify Edge in a single atomic update

Bring your own framework to modernize development

Drupal’s APIs feed content to Netlify’s build & deploy automation allowing your team to create rich, immersive experiences in the modern development framework of your choosing

  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Nextjs
  • VueJS & Nuxt
  • Hugo
  • Many more…
Render Drupal pages with modern frontend tools
module.exports = () => { return { name: "netlify-plugin-image-optim", onPostBuild: async config => { const files = {}; Optimize images during your builds Image optim plugin Analyze & optimize your web fonts usage Subfont plugin Notify and stop build if a11y checks fails A11y plugin
Use build plugins from the community or create your own

Customize your projects with your own build tools or microservices

Netlify discovers and installs your project dependencies and allows you to write powerful plugins that hook into any stage of the build process.

Explore integrations or create your own
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Low predictable costs

Reduce the cost and complexity of your content delivery infrastructure

Streamlined developer workflow

Deliver new web properties faster with better developer workflows

Fast engaging sites

Higher search rankings, lower bounce rates, & higher conversion

Instant scaling when traffic surges

Effortlessly handle massive traffic with site content cached across the globe

Alex De Winne

Netlify makes it easy for us to meet the performance and security requirements of our clients, especially given the time constraints we often have. Compared to just working in Drupal, it allows us to be far more agile and ramp up new team members in a fraction of the time.

Alex de Winne, CTO, Therefore Interactive

Using Drupal as a headless CMS with Netlify at Longos