The Fastest

Sitecore Sites

Build and deploy Sitecore sites using a modern composable approach, on Netlify’s all-in-one platform for web development

  • 98×

    Faster Personalization

  • 18×

    Faster Page Loads

  • 65%

    Infra Cost Savings

More speed. Less spend.

Netlify brings a modern web architecture without losing the Sitecore experience

A win for users Fast, global edge performance

Sites load in a fraction of the time because they’re pre-rendered and served directly from Netlify’s High-Performance Edge network. Enable personalization even on high-traffic pages.

A win for developers Adopt modern workflows & tools

Get set up faster and ship more often with Netlify’s modern developer workflows. Build compelling experiences with the Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDKs (JSS) and Next.js and other popular frontend frameworks.

A win for the CTO & CFO Way lower cost and complexity

Absorb huge traffic bursts without burdening your teams. Never count servers again; Netlify serves all your environments and auto-scales across our global network.

How it works

Familiar but faster

Sitecore power meets Netlify performance

Netlify is the high performance solution for your transition to composable and XM Cloud. If you are on XP, go headless with your frontend on Netlify to take advantage of the same performance benefits.

  • The Sitecore content editing experience you know

  • Up to 18x faster pages and instantaneous scaling — with less cost & complexity

  • Effortless continuous deployment that allow you to focus on the user experience

A seamless integration

Build and deploy your frontend for XM Cloud or headless XP with Netlify.

  • Compatibility with Netlify built into the Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDKs (JSS)

  • Configure Netlify to listen for changes to published content on Sitecore powered sites.

  • Your site is deployed across Netlify Edge in a single atomic update

  • Tightly integrated with your Git workflow supporting Azure DevOps, Github and more.

Low predictable costs

Reduce the cost and complexity of your content delivery infrastructure

Streamlined developer workflow

Deliver new web properties faster with better developer workflows

Instant scaling when traffic surges

Effortlessly handle massive traffic with site content cached across the globe

Fast engaging sites

Higher search rankings, lower bounce rates, & higher conversion

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