Netlify and Sustainability

Netlify is a cloud-based web development platform that is committed to environmental sustainability—not only for our own global infrastructure, but also for the products and practices we deliver to our customers to build, deploy and host websites and applications.

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Build only once

As pioneers of the Jamstack architecture , we work to drive platform efficiencies and partner with leading cloud providers to reduce our energy impact.

The Jamstack approach can help to save resources on compute because it builds each page once. A traditional website has to be rebuilt for every visit. Netlify sites are built before they go live, and so instead of building 1 million times for 1 million visitors, they build once. That means the footprint of a website on Netlify can be much smaller than that of a traditional site.

Jamstack also encourages using serverless computing. With a serverless style of computing, a smaller fraction of energy is used compared to always-on dedicated servers. This cloud native architecture decreases energy consumption by being event-driven, running only when it is required.


At Netlify, our infrastructure scales automatically, so we don’t have servers running when we don’t need them. We actively manage the scalability of the sites we host on our providers by only adding resources when spikes in traffic require them and shut them down when they are not in use. You can read more about the renewable energy policies from our key cloud providers:

We are continuing to evolve our sustainability goals as we grow.

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