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Advanced, framework-agnostic cache control
with platform primitives

npm create-next-app@latest

Platform-level primitives

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build without limits

Whether you’re building with Next.js, Astro, Nuxt, Remix, or another framework of your choice, see how our platform-level primitives unlock never-before-accessible functionalities across all frameworks.

An open conversation about framework support and platform primitives

Take a seat at the table with Mathias Biilmann, CEO and cofounder at Netlify and our host Jason Lengstorf of Learn with Jason.

Futureproof your framework selection through primitives at the platform level.

Build dynamic experiences on the framework you prefer.

Experiment with exciting features inaccessible on all frameworks before.

Flexibility through primitives

Experiment with primitives on your preferred framework

Build truly dynamic, high-performance digital experiences across any framework and any use case

Transform images on demand without impacting build times with Netlify Image CDN

  • Ensure the most efficient image format is delivered to the requesting client through content negotiation

  • Integrate natively with image transformations for increased performance

  • Unlock Image CDN within the Netlify Platform regardless of which framework you prefer

Store and retrieve blobs with Netlify Blobs

  • Ensure an integrated, zero-configuration approach to implementing multiple data stores with automated provisioning, configuration, and access controls

  • Read and write blob objects with ease using Netlify Functions or the Netlify CLI

  • Utilize blob stores in background functions where long-running processing jobs need to persist the results of computation upon completion

Create dynamic digital experiences with SWR and Fine Grained Cache Control

  • Handle any custom Cache-Control instructions and Netlify-CDN-Cache-Control instructions at the Edge

  • Automatically purge cache whenever you deploy to ensure the latest content is always accessed

  • Use Cache-tags to label cached content across Netlify Edge and purge tagged content globally without affecting the rest of your website

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