Netlify Unveils AI-Enabled Deploy Assist to Improve Developer Productivity and Ship Personalized Digital Experiences Faster

Netlify’s new AI feature advances the benefits of composable web development by reducing manual log reviews, recommending suggested code fixes for failed builds and accelerating time-to-market

SAN FRANCISCO - March 7, 2024 - Netlify, the leading platform for modern web development, today announced the general availability of the AI-enabled deploy assist. Available as a part of Netlify’s Composable Web Platform, this tool leverages AI to analyze failed deployments and provide suggestions to correct the errors. As a result, developers significantly reduce their time spent manually reviewing logs, leading to increased productivity, faster and more predictable go-to-market workflows, and a more satisfying developer experience.

According to McKinsey, Research shows that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions - and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. As organizations face these demands, building a developer team capable of delivering improved end-user experiences at speed is critical to fostering customer loyalty. Netlify’s AI-enabled deploy assist’s capabilities include:

  • Debugging failed builds and providing suggested fixes, freeing developers from hours of log-diving and troubleshooting to ship code faster leading to a differentiated and more rewarding developer experience.
  • Assisting developers with quality feedback on failed builds enabling rapid code fixes, ensuring failed builds do not become bottlenecks.

“As the demands for personalized digital experiences grow, businesses are seeking effective solutions to improve development workflows, go to market faster and empower developers,” said Dana Lawson, Chief Technology Officer at Netlify. “The AI-enabled deploy assist provides a truly differentiated developer experience by removing the roadblocks associated with failed builds, driving significant cost savings, from saved developer hours lost to troubleshooting and enables developers to focus on what they do best, creating and shipping digital experiences.”

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