Netlify Announces Adobe Experience Manager Headless Integration

Netlify continues to champion the modern, composable web by enabling AEM users to seamlessly migrate from monolithic to composable structures, delivering increased flexibility and speed.

SAN FRANCISCO – June 17, 2024Netlify, the platform for modern web development, today announced a new Adobe Experience Manager integration to ease the transition from legacy web architecture to composable architecture. Now, AEM users will be able to leverage Netlify headless CMS to accelerate business goals, streamline workflows, and reduce the number of touchpoints needed across multi-channel projects.

According to Gartner, by 2026 all the top 20 cloud platform and SaaS providers will offer component marketplaces to enable customers’ composable strategies (Predicts 2023: Composable Applications Accelerate Business Innovation). But, while enterprise organizations recognize the benefits of composable architecture, many find the transition from legacy architecture to composable risky, time-consuming and resource-draining. Further, businesses need to maintain their websites and applications running before, during and after migration to ensure seamless customer experiences.

The AEM integration built by Netlify partner VShift benefits business level decision-makers, developers, marketers, and customers throughout the migration process. The new tool will:

  • Deliver improved speed to market by facilitating publishing pages and content quickly and efficiently
  • Connect to composable tools to improve workflows
  • Ensure improved personalization capacity in components and branding
  • Enable a seamless integration of omnichannel touchpoints

“AEM users have long been needing a tool to migrate legacy monolithic web applications towards composable,” said Matt Biilmann, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Netlify. “With the AEM integration, users can go to market and build web front-ends much faster, while connecting tools across workflows to reduce bottlenecks. The end result is high performing digital experiences built in a fast, flexible and painless manner.”

“According to MACH Alliance's research, 9 out of 10 decision-makers say composable technology will be instrumental to their organization’s success in the next five years,” said Eric Feige, Manager Director of Strategy at VShift. "Adobe is the most widely used digital experience platform (DXP) among very large regulated industry organizations, many marketers and non-IT digital transformation sponsors tell us they struggle with flexibility, speed-to-market and cost. The AEM integrator was created to address these issues and provide a seamless way for everyone to make the move, no matter what they use and who they work with.”

In addition to the AEM Integration, Netlify and its partner ecosystem offer several accelerators to ease the transition from monolithic to composable architecture, offering immediate reductions in development costs and faster time-to-market, all built on leading-edge composable standards.

The GEAR Accelerator by Valtech is tailored for the manufacturing industry focusing on aftermarket commerce via customer portals, enhancing B2B functionalities with Netlify’s secure, adaptable architecture for rapid innovation, aftermarket commerce use cases and related integrated services via customer portals.

XCentium's Composable Accelerator offers customizable, performance-focused solutions for the financial services industry, enabling rapid deployment and significant cost savings with pre-built templates, multi-language support and seamless technology integration.

The CAFE Accelerator by Apply Digital helps enterprises accelerate project timelines with a flexible suite of tools and integrations. Ideal for rapid proofs of concept and solution-led projects, CAFE’s collaborative approach ensures internal buy-in and minimizes decision-making fatigue, providing a quick path from sandbox to live deployment, helping clients achieve ROI, meet MVP deadlines, and reduce integration risks.

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