Netlify Unlocks Jamstack for Enterprise Websites and Web Applications with Support for Self-Hosted Git Repositories and New Pricing Options

Modern web platform introduces support for enterprise self-hosted GitHub and GitLab and new pricing plans for development teams

SAN FRANCISCO – July 21, 2020 – Netlify, originator of the modern Jamstack web architecture, today announced new platform features and a self-service Business plan that enable enterprises to adopt modern Jamstack development tools and workflows while staying in compliance. The new Business plan includes advanced security and collaboration features and introduces support for enterprise self-hosted instances of GitHub and GitLab. It’s available for $99 per member so even smaller businesses can start with this plan and add team members as they grow.

Businesses are already building mission critical web projects faster on Netlify. Empowered with developer-friendly workflows, TunnelBear was more productive with Netlify, reporting 10x faster builds and deploys. Loblaws reported 92% better site performance and Citrix reported 65% cost savings after switching to Netlify. Netlify’s web development platform provides the glue for all modern Jamstack technologies—whether it’s a Gatsby.js, Next.js or Vue.js application, or running Contentful or decoupled Drupal CMS—and delivers seamless, git-based workflows for an effortless developer experience.

Enterprise plan: For mission critical sites and large teams

Netlify introduced a new Enterprise plan that includes everything in the Business plan, plus a custom package of Netlify’s High-Performance Edge, High-Performance Builds and Premium Support. This plan also includes upfront security and architecture reviews, ongoing load and penetration testing, and access to a dedicated account manager. With new support for self-managed GitHub and GitLab, Netlify now offers the most comprehensive enterprise Jamstack platform, including:

  • Compliance and security: With SOCII Type 2 compliance, SSO and SAML support, role-based access control, two-factor authentication, user audit logging and network pentesting.
  • Uptime assurance: With 99.99% uptime SLA providing enterprises with the service required for their mission-critical sites.
  • 24x7x365 support: Netlify delivers enterprise support, backed by SLAs via phone, Slack and email.
  • High Performance Build environment: 12x higher build concurrency and 5x higher CPU and Memory deliver faster builds and help larger teams work together more effectively.
  • High Performance Edge network: 50% faster site response times and resilient to large traffic spikes and DDoS attacks, Netlify’s High Performance Edge network is coordinated across multiple cloud providers and has built-in intelligence to handle complex tasks at the edge.

Self-service Business plan: For companies and agencies as they grow

The new self-service Business plan is designed for development teams that need to maintain best practice enterprise security requirements, and includes:

  • GitHub Enterprise and self-managed GitLab: Netlify now supports integrations of two deployment options for users of GitHub and GitLab: SaaS and self-hosted/self-managed. Enterprise-ready integrations for top Git platforms are enabled and managed through the Netlify UI and support all of Netlify’s features and workflows.
  • Advanced Team Security: DevOps teams can enable features for security best practices including single sign-on (SSO), role-based access control, unlimited audit logging, and identity services for enterprise web properties and applications.
  • Analytics: Analytics data is captured directly and presented in the context of the Netlify workflow to give developers a more accurate picture of performance. Fueled by server-side data collected directly from Netlify’s worldwide edge nodes.

Business users get Netlify’s enterprise features at $99 per user per month. Developers and small teams can start small with Netlify on the free Starter plan or new Pro plan at $19 per seat per month. Learn more about Netlify at Get started with Netlify at

Supporting Quotes

Mathias Biilmann, CEO, Netlify

“Businesses need web applications that load fast, respond instantly, and are easy to update as customer and market dynamics change. Netlify’s platform is uniquely designed to deliver this experience, empowering developer teams to use a modern Jamstack approach alongside legacy web stacks. Our latest updates accelerate development even further and lower the price barrier to use Netlify’s most advanced features at scale.”

Jason Warner, CTO, GitHub

“GitHub Enterprise gives organizations of all sizes the ability to code, scale, and work better together. With Netlify’s announcement, organizations on GitHub Enterprise Server now have the opportunity to build and ship high-performance websites and web applications much faster. Together GitHub and Netlify will continue to improve developers’ workflows and provide the tools developers love.”

Brandon Jung, vice president of alliances, GitLab

“We are excited that Netlify now offers GitLab SaaS and self-managed integrations for users looking to use the Jamstack architecture. As today’s enterprises look for new ways to enable teams to use git-based workflows, Netlify can help users develop, build, secure and deploy websites and web apps faster.”

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Netlify is the fastest way to build the fastest sites. Used by more than 950,000 web developers and businesses, the Netlify platform provides modern build workflows, serverless functions and a global multi-cloud Edge network to deliver the most performant, secure and scalable websites and applications. Netlify originated the Jamstack category, a modern web architecture that marries the best practices of pre-built sites with the API economy and serverless functions, to deliver the faster load times and dynamic content, without worrying about web servers. Founded in 2014, Netlify is a venture-backed software company headquartered in San Francisco with a global team. For more information, visit and follow @Netlify on Twitter.

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