Netlify Announces a 'World's First': Full 1-Click Integration With the New Free SSL Provider Let's Encrypt

SAN FRANCISCO — January 15, 2016Netlify, the leading static website build automation and hosting platform, announced today that they are the first hosting service in the world to fully integrate with the new SSL provider Let's Encrypt.

Starting today, all sites will receive free SSL at

Let's Encrypt is a new certificate authority (CA) backed by sponsors like Mozilla, Google, Facebook, the EFF and many more. Its launch marks the biggest disruption in security provisions in more than a decade: Let's Encrypt brings SSL (https) to everyone -- for free.

Matt Biilmann, CEO and technical co-founder, explains, "Though we're growing at an explosive rate, we're still a young company, and being first to fully integrate with the world's only free SSL certificate is a great thing for us. A lot of effort including contributions to major open source projects went into this, but the result is truly full integration: Netlify users can get free SSL with a single click. It's instantly available on the whole CDN, and automatically renews and reprovisions.

"Promoting security as a default is really important to us," Chris Bach, President and co-founder of netlify, says, and adds "SSL has become a must for a number of reasons, like improvement of SEO, better analytics and of course protection of both users and content. But until now costs, implementation difficulties and legacy APIs have stood in the way for many users."

"It's also a boost for the category netlify is in," Matt adds. "It will still be a few years before sites made entirely by frontend developers with modern frameworks and build-tools are more prevalent than the legacy approach -- where everything is on single servers and sites have to have a backend that renders every time they're visited. By giving everyone access to free, automated SSL, we can show how committed we are to pushing the new category forward."

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