New Netlify Composable Web Platform Clears Path to Enterprise Adoption of Composable Web Architecture

Enterprise-grade platform designed to accelerate speed, agility, flexibility in modern web experiences

SAN FRANCISCO – October 19, 2023 – Today at Compose 2023, Netlify, known for, creating Jamstack and reimagining modern web development, announced the Netlify Composable Web Platform, an industry-first platform for enterprises to build and implement modern, composable web architecture.

In today’s economic environment, every business is laser focused on efficiency, agility, and resilience. Many enterprises are realizing legacy, monolithic web architectures aren't able to meet growing business and customer demands. To gain competitive advantage and drive revenue, enterprises are turning to composable architecture to modernize their web presence.

Netlify’s Composable Web Platform offers enterprises a simplified, risk-free path towards composable web architecture and a foundation to accelerate speed-to-innovation for architects, developers, and marketers. With the new holistic platform, enterprises can personalize customer experiences and deploy fast, scalable and secure websites, e-commerce stores and web applications on-demand and with zero configuration.

“The Composable Web Platform is a meaningful milestone in Netlify’s mission of championing the modern, open, composable web,” said Matt Biilmann, co-founder and CEO of Netlify. “We pioneered the Jamstack movement to empower web development teams, and now aim to similarly empower enterprises by equipping them with the tools they need to modernize their web architecture. This platform offers a pathway to composable that doesn’t require replatforming, but enables an incremental approach to meet businesses where they are and help them get to where they want to be.”

The Composable Web Platform unifies content, data sources, code and infrastructure, and empowers developers to select best-of-breed components that easily integrate into a single workflow. With Netlify’s world-class developer experience and these new capabilities, developers can reduce complexity and boost productivity by minimizing time spent on labor-intensive operations.

The new platform is the industry’s only one-stop-shop for enterprise composable web development, bringing together content orchestration, frontend development and visual editing capabilities. The platform introduces unparalleled levels of security, reliability and stability, while eliminating the complexity of yet more integrations across a web stack. It offers a single user interface for customers to access Netlify’s three key pillars, including:

  • Netlify Core provides teams with the platform and workflow to immediately focus on building websites and apps without consuming time and resources on labor-intensive operations. Core primitive advancements added to Netlify Core ensure that updating or rebuilding assets only happens where required, and make sure that customer applications are consistent, up to date, and performant when needed most.
  • Netlify Connect brings all content sources and CMS applications together in a single location, giving web teams the power to orchestrate and manage how and where content is served to all frontend digital experiences. A new private SDK allows any company to create a connection between their purchased or custom content source and Netlify Connect, delivering on the product's promise to allow companies to connect everything.
  • Netlify Create integrates seamlessly with your chosen content systems, frameworks, and architectures, providing an intuitive visual editing experience.

“As we navigate the complexities and rapid pace of change in the digital world, the path forward becomes increasingly clear: the future is composable. This future, which is swiftly becoming our present, sees the limitations of monolithic architectures giving way to the boundless potential of modular, flexible systems.

Slalom’s partnership with Netlify stands out as a strategic move toward a more agile, efficient, and scalable digital future. For our clients, the Netlify Composable Web Platform is not merely a tool; it’s a solution that addresses the real-world challenges they face to innovate and meet customer demand. The platform allows their organizations to augment their existing systems with advanced, high-performing, composable components without the need for a total system overhaul. Together with Netlify, Slalom is committed to ensuring our clients can deliver faster, more reliable digital experiences for their customers.”

– Bermon Painter, Digital Transformation & Innovation Leader at Slalom Consulting

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