New Netlify Connect Creates a Simpler Path to High Performance Modern Web Architectures

By unifying multiple content sources, Netlify Connect allows enterprises to realize the agility, scalability, and performance of composable web architecture

SAN FRANCISCO – June 13, 2023Netlify, the leading platform for modern web development, today announced Netlify Connect, a unified data layer that enables organizations to seamlessly transition from monolithic to composable architecture. With Netlify Connect, enterprises have the freedom to migrate to a fully composable web stack at their own pace and reap modern web benefits including agility, performance, and scalability. Netlify Connect customers can leverage all existing content sources and systems to optimize past web investments, avoid vendor lock-in, and reduce costs compared to a full stack migration.

“The introduction of Netlify Connect is an important step forward for Netlify’s platform and our vision for the modern, composable web,” said Matt Biilmann, CEO at Netlify. “Enterprises are continuing to realize the massive opportunity presented by composable web architecture, and we’re committed to offering solutions that allow enterprises to ship sites and higher converting campaigns faster than ever before.”

Netlify Connect enables real-time content distribution across all websites and applications globally. When combined with best-in-class solutions for identity authentication, commerce, and security, Netlify Connect creates a powerful ecosystem that unlocks future-proof web architecture and drives world-class digital experiences.

Managing multiple, disparate data sources slows developer velocity and creates complexity. Netlify Connect enables teams to unify data from any content source – legacy or headless – into a productive, streamlined web development workflow. Netlify Connect is powered by a best-in-class GraphQL API that connects content sources and caches content at the Edge.

“Netlify Connect significantly speeds up data sourcing from any content source. Querying the data sources was fast and easy, this could be a game changer for building powerful sites and apps.” said Blaine O’Brien, Senior Engineering Manager at Hinge Health.

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