Case Studies

Teespring’s E-commerce Jamstack Migration Story

Netlify and Teesprings

Case Studies

Teespring’s E-commerce Jamstack Migration Story

Netlify and Teesprings

Encore! Encore!

One of the most popular speakers from Jamstack Conf will be sharing an update on Teespring’s journey to the Jamstack, including their new explorations with Next.js.

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Teespring (now known as Spring) is a platform that helps its customers to create and sell products online. Rick Takes, director of engineering at Teespring, hit a chord with Jamstack Conf attendees describing his team’s approach to decoupling their Ruby on Rails monolith and embracing microservices for better performance and scalability. Rather than starting from scratch, his team took a hybrid approach, keeping their data in the Rails application and building “medium-sized” microservices with a close eye on management and discoverability.

If you are ready for the developer workflow and performance benefits of the Jamstack, but are not sure how to get started with your migration, join us on December 9. Rick has practical advice, lessons learned, and is ready to take your questions.

In the webinar, Rick Takes will cover:

  • How he led the migration from a monolithic architecture to a Jamstack architecture using an incremental and hybrid strategy, what he calls “medium-sized” microservices, with a focus on management and discoverability
  • The approach to prototyping Jamstack solutions for new initiatives, getting buy-in, and rolling it out more broadly, including the challenges they encountered
  • The results of the migration, including greatly reduced build times, improved site performance and ultimately conversion rates for its new branded storefronts using the Jamstack architecture
  • Teespring's approach of adapting their technical architecture to mirror their business processes
  • What’s next for Teespring, including their plans for using Next.js on Netlify to continue improving performance and developer experience

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In the meantime, you can also watch Rick’s presentation about Teespring’s Journey to the Jamstack from Jamstack Conf, October 2020.

Questions about migrating your enterprise web and e-commerce applications to the Jamstack architecture? Contact us to talk to an expert.

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