News & Announcements

Watch these talks from Jamstack Conf Virtual October

News & Announcements

Watch these talks from Jamstack Conf Virtual October

Jamstack Conf Virtual talks from October 6 are here! Watch the recordings in this playlist.

We had nearly 16,000 developers and web enthusiasts register to join us at the virtual conference for keynotes, interactive sessions, live Q&A and 1:1 networking--we enjoyed meeting you there! With 40% more registered than in our first virtual event in May, 48 speakers from the community, 28 sponsors, followed by nearly sold-out workshops on day 2, and the 🎉 inaugural Jammies award winners announced, there is clearly a lot of interest and growth in this ecosystem.

New and seasoned Jamstack developers alike can learn and check out the latest ecosystem updates from our recorded event talks. Jamstack is a web architecture for faster, more secure websites that supports the new tools and workflows used in modern web development, and this event brought the community together to share insights, learnings, and updates. You can learn more about the community at


State of the Jamstack

Matt Biilmann, who coined the term “Jamstack” and is co-founder/CEO of Netlify, kicked off the event to discuss the state Jamstack. He highlights Jamstack’s opportunities at the edge, discussing Netlify Edge Handlers in early access, and ways it goes beyond static to web apps.

Teespring case study

Teespring discussed how its sites started using the modern Jamstack architecture and are dynamically deployed to Netlify. The talk discusses how it has seen impressive improvements in site performance and conversion, while also increasing engineering velocity. Learn about its hybrid strategy and how Teespring found a balance in modernizing its tech stack with microservices while getting the good bits from its monolith, without rebuilding everything from scratch.

Next.js: What’s Possible

Cassidy Williams dives into Next.js. It has a ton of capabilities built in for an awesome developer experience for both indie developers and enterprises alike. One of the best parts of the framework is its powerful router. It can be used for good, or for evil. Learn about using Next.js with the next-on-netlify package to make some apps that will be loved (or hated) by all. Be prepared to laugh and prank people.

Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to your Automation Framework

Angie Jones, principal developer advocate, Applitools, walks through how visual validation works, shares a live integration into an existing test code base, and discusses the pros and cons of using various visual validation techniques.

LiveChat: In Search of Jamstack Search

Dawid Gawel, web developer at LiveChat, navigates through different Jamstack search recipes while exploring the boundaries of pre-rendering (and common sense).

You can also read about LiveChat’s own move to the Jamstack in this case study.

Migrating to Netlify, One Page at a Time

Taylor MacDonald, partner and CTO, Ample, goes into a “gradual migration” strategy covering reverse proxies, component-driven design systems and micro front-end architecture.

Bringing Remote Sensing and Disaster Relief to the Jamstack

Colby Fayock of Element 84 talks about tackling challenges with the Jamstack to provide search for NASA, satellite tasking for Capella Space, and tools for disaster response.

Oh The Scripts We'll Load - A Performance Talk by Tim Kadlec

Take a closer look at how to load JavaScript on a page and the multitude of ways that simple tasks can impact your performance.

ACLU case study

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a nonprofit and nonpartisan group to safeguard everyone’s rights, explained how the Jamstack helped it quickly build a site “Let People Vote” to inform voters about mail-in conditions in their states for the upcoming presidential election.

Lightning Launches

Netlify Partner Integrations

Jessica Parsons of Netlify discusses an update on Netlify Build Plugins and some partners such as Algolia, Nimbella and Snyk that have recently launched new build plugins and integrations.


Algolia launches a new search build plugin for Netlify.


Chris Biscardi launches Toast, a Jamstack meta-framework.


Formspree announces its acquisition of StaticKit!

Jamsnacks - Project snapshots and updates

These 2-minute videos highlight a variety of tools in the Jamstack ecosystem. Get a taste of the features and the growing community behind the projects.









The Jammies Awards

Hosts Phil Hawksworth and Tara Z. Manicsic revealed the winners of the Jammies awards for Jamstack Web App of the Year, Social Impact Award, Jamstack Product or Service of the Year, and Community Organizer of the Year.

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