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Announcing the Jammies awards winners

News & Announcements

Announcing the Jammies awards winners

We received many excellent nominations for the Jammies awards, recognizing people and initiatives that are pushing forward the modern web. We are excited to announce the finalists and winners across four categories, who will receive coveted Jamstack jammies pants and all the community glory!

Internet Tropy

Jamstack web app of the year

Mapping to our theme for the conference, the Jamstack is not just an architecture for static sites, it’s changing the way we deliver software via the web. We want to highlight projects that are pushing the boundaries of the Jamstack to deliver full-service or “fullstack” web applications.


  •, by Paul Welsh, Bianca Jestem, Umakanth Shivabal, Markus Schork at Unilever. As part of the digital transformation programme, this small and agile team achieved the unimaginable: launching one of—if not the—fastest site in Unilever portfolio with an "outstanding" consumer experience, including accessibility, usability, authoring and developer experience. Built with Gridsome, Sanity and Netlify, it has opened the door for more Jamstack projects at Unilever.
  • Lunch Money, by Jennifer Yip, a personal finance management web app taking on Mint and YNAB and is 100% managed by a solo founder.
  •, SaaS startup that built field service management software on the Jamstack for tasks like scheduling customer visits and deliveries, vehicle tracking and route optimization.

And the Jammie goes to, Lunch Money!

Social Impact award

We’ve seen the Jamstack community step up this year to support many causes, from health crises to social justice. The Social Impact Award recognizes a project or team who helped deliver valuable and important resources for the betterment of society using the Jamstack.


  • Compra aos pequenos helps local shops survive and thrive during the COVID-19 outbreak. It consists of an online directory of small businesses, allowing businesses to list themselves and users to seek their products and services.
  •, a mental health app, provides individuals from India access to a curated list of support groups, counsellors, events, helplines and other resources for anyone seeking support.
  •, showcased at Jamstack Conf in May, has become an essential source of the latest numbers on tests, cases, hospitalizations, and patient outcomes from every US state and territory.

And the Jammie goes to, COVID Tracking Project!

Jamstack product or service of the year

The vendor ecosystem and open source communities are driving innovation for the Jamstack and modern web. This award will recognize a disruptive and outstanding product, service or project in the Jamstack ecosystem that has changed the way we build websites and apps.


  • FaunaDB, a global serverless database that rethinks the client-server relationship.
  • Eleventy, a simpler static site generator.
  • RedwoodJS, bringing the full-stack to the Jamstack. An opinionated framework that combines React, GraphQL, Prisma2, SQL, and lots more out of the box.

And the Jammie goes to, RedwoodJS!

Community Organizer of the year

In recognition of an outstanding community organizer who has helped grow the community of Jamstack enthusiasts, share knowledge and create a safe, welcoming, and constructive forum for all, especially as the pandemic has changed the way we connect and meet up.


And the Jammie goes to, Jamstack Paris!

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