The Total Economic Impact™ of Netlify

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Cost savings and business benefits of Netlify’s modern web development platform

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Forrester Report - The Total Economic Impact of Netlify

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Understand the business value of adopting and migrating to Netlify

Netlify commissioned Forrester Consulting, a part of the world-class industry analyst firm Forrester Research, to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to quantify the return on investment of Netlify over three years. Forrester conducted the research by interviewing a web team at an enterprise company that used Netlify’s platform to build, deploy, and scale its websites. The study reveals the following business outcome impact:

Faster performance

Faster site speed increased site traffic by 10% and boosted conversion rates. Increased conversion rates can lead to revenue growth and sales velocity.

Improved productivity

Faster time-to-market saved more than $380,000 over three years, and the improved developer workflow saved 800 developer hours and 625 IT hours per year. While not quantified by the study, speed to market also leads to greater revenue potential.

Cost savings

More manageable code lowered contract labor costs by nearly $1 million over three years and enabled the company to retire legacy software. This benefit helps companies expand their workforce and capacity at lower cost.