Mini case study

Sequoia Capital

No surprise, Sequoia Capital is the most prominent VC of Silicon Valley. They’ve quite literally invested in most of the prominent tech company in the last 30 years. Google, Apple, Oracle, AirBnB, Cisco, PayPal, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Youtube, LinkedIn, Docker, Stripe, Square, Atari deep breath - and more.

What may surprise some of you is that the sheer volume and performance requirements of their .com. Where you might expect a simple site with a handful of pages, the huge portfolio, job postings and language variations has resulted in a site with more than 15,000 html pages, and tons of contributors

See below to understand how they made a JAMstack site - gaining huge performance over their previous site, and why they chose Netlify to do it.


Seth Bindernagel

Seth Bindernagel

Head of digital, Sequoia Capital

What is it?

Our project is managed by a globally distributed set of content creators in separate geos. All managers need to build their local site without having a central bottleneck and Netlify allows us to distribute the deploy process to them. Given the JAMstack that Netlify is a part of, we can push our super fast and secure site updates to our CDN whenever we need to update our content.

Why Netlify?

Netlify gives us the chance to update content on our site with one click. We no longer need a developer to run updates from the command line, so our global team is fully empowered to update local site content when they need to do so.

Favorite Feature?

The “Trigger new build” button!

Netlify helped us take a retro workflow and transform it into a dynamic process that is fully distributed to our non-technical content creators.

Netlify Features used

  • Rollbacks
  • GEO IP
  • Language-based Redirects
  • Zapier integration
  • Outbound Webhooks & Integrations
  • Git Integration
  • Cached Dependencies
  • Multiple Environments Support
  • Rewrite, & Proxy Rules
  • WebUI
  • CLI
  • Deploy previews

Tools & Frameworks used

  • Middleman
  • jQuery
  • Sass
  • Contentful
  • Github
  • fuse.js