Case study

Matter Supply and Nike deliver “Dream Supply” using Netlify

When Nike asks you to scale with speed,
you just do it.

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Matter Supply leveraged Jamstack to power a critical piece of Nike’s Kaepernick campaign.

4 Weeks

Matter Supply built a highly-responsive site to support a massive advertising campaign in just a few weeks.

1M People

Nike expected their campaign to reach an audience of one million. (This number turned out to be a rather conservative estimate.)

2 Devs

It only took a team of two developers to build a Netlify-powered site effortlessly supporting Nike’s campaign.

Case study screenshot
Netlify + Matter Supply Co.

Nike launched a massive, international advertising campaign reprising their signature call to “Just Do It TM in partnership with Nike athlete, Colin Kaepernick.

The campaign’s rallying cry invited Nike users to share their dreams to be visualized as a tiny dot in a sea of others forming the iconic Nike swoosh. Matter Supply built the entirety of the site, from the frontend to real-time databases, using Jamstack and Netlify.

190,000 submissions

Over 190K Nike users submitted their stories of their dreams to Matter Supply’s Netlify-powered site.

200k hits per day

Matter Supply easily supported hundreds of thousands of hits a day with Netlify’s serverless backend and hyperresponsive frontend.

0.9 second contentful paint

When you think of Nike, you think of speed. Matter Supply knew they had to build fast pages. They picked Netlify to do just that.

Matter Supply builds with speed and scale

“Agencies don’t really have a lot of people on their bench waiting for Nike to call them”, says Marc Ammann, Principal at Matter Supply. When they did call, Marc picked up and his team worked fast to ship an Emmy-winning campaign with Nike, using Netlify as a critical tool in their arsenal.

Crafting mission-critical sites with a quickness

Matter Supply didn’t have time to wrestle with servers, worry about load balancing, or create dependencies for themselves. Instead, they picked Netlify and the Jamstack to build a blazing fast site with enterprise-grade security.

Marc Ammann

With Jamstack, this was all easy. It all performed well. There’s no issues, no hiccups, and zero maintenance.

Marc Ammann, Principal, Matter Supply