Case Studies

European mall leader embraces lightning-fast headless Sitecore on Netlify

Netlify and Klépierre

Case Studies

European mall leader embraces lightning-fast headless Sitecore on Netlify

Netlify and Klépierre

European shopping mall operator Klépierre

Faced with the challenges of the digital revolution and transformative shifts to the shopping experience, European mall operator Klépierre decided to undertake a massive overhaul of their web presence. Klépierre operates over 150 malls in 14 European countries, and has hundreds of content authors and stakeholders across their 98 web properties. Their existing Sitecore architecture worked well for content authoring, but Sitecore’s heavy infrastructure didn’t allow for the lightning-fast experience their customers expected.

Klépierre engaged the creative and technology agency Proximity to help undergo a global platform redesign, and develop 98 sites in just six months. Sites needed to be fast while still image-heavy, easy to use for Klépierre’s many stakeholders and content authors, and the entire project needed to happen within the agreed budget and timeframe.

After encountering performance and price barriers with their planned Sitecore redesign, Proximity made a discerning shift to their planned technical approach. With only 3 months left in the project, they rearchitected on the Jamstack model to dramatically cut their Azure costs. With a headless Sitecore CMS and Netlify as the distributed edge network (an advanced CDN), they massively reduced cloud spend while still delivering performant sites on the client’s timeline.

While the initial impetus for the move to the Jamstack was cost-savings, the Proximity team soon realized additional benefits of this decoupled Sitecore architecture. Moving to Netlify also meant improved workflows, simpler cloud management as well as great website performance. This case study explores the technical decision-making behind the change in the architecture, and what the Jamstack has enabled for Klépierre so far.

Learn more about Klépierre’s Journey to the Jamstack by watching the webinar or downloading the full case study:

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