Klepierre - A Sitecore Journey to the Jamstack

Join Jonathan Bobo, Chief Technology Officer, and Zyad Rujeedawa, VP of Engineering, from Netlify Agency Partner Proximity as they talk about how they moved Klepierre - the European leader in iconic shopping centers - to a Jamstack architecture using Sitecore, Uniform, and Netlify.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The business case and technical drivers that led to the decision to use to the Jamstack
  • How Proximity moved 98 sites to the new architecture and the change in lighthouse scores after the launch
  • The architecture and systems they used to implement Headless Sitecore
  • How to organize a distributed development team and their project plan in phases
  • Final outcomes for personalization, author experience, performance & reliability, and total cost of ownership of the new sites

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