Mini case study

Carrot Creative

Straight from Brooklyn, Carrot Creative is top New York agency owned by Vice Media. They’ve been named one of the best places to work in all of New York several times. Not so surprising considering their client list include everyone from Ferrari and Rolex over H&M and Subway, and they actually bought their own pizzaria to keep their developers happy.

Here at Netlify, our biggest reason for being fans are their efforts to push the JAMstack forward. Not only have they made a lot of great CDN based sites, but they’ve even created their own open source tooling including the site generator Roots! is cool and lightning fast. We invite you to check it out - after you look below for what they had to say of the site and working with Netlify.


Jeff Escalante

Jeff Escalante

Environment Developer, Carrot Creative

What is it?

The site for our company was a big project for sure. We really wanted to build it as a static site to show off the hard work we have done on static build tools, and for the speed and low hosting costs. Features like deploy preview, forms, and webhooks make everything much better for us!

Why Netlify?

We have worked closely with the Netlify team since the very beginning. They have consistently gone above and beyond with regard to features and support, and they are unmatched in the realm of static hosting. Choosing Netlify for us was a no-brainer for

Favorite Feature?

Everything! Naming one thing would be too hard. The webhooks are massively important for us. The CDN integration is fantastic. The continuous integration with github is incredibly useful. And of course, netlify’s support is world class.

Netlify Features used

  • Versioning
  • Rollbacks
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Asset Post Processing
  • Git Integration
  • Cached Dependencies
  • Domain Aliases
  • Form Handling
  • Redirect, Rewrite, & Proxy Rules
  • WebUI
  • Deploy previews

Tools & Frameworks used

  • Roots
  • Vue
  • Stylus
  • Coffeescript
  • Jade
  • Contentful
  • Internal APIs
  • Spike
  • Github