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Mini case study


JavaScript Utility Library

Lodash is one of the most popular JS libraries in the World with more than 2 billion downloads.

It accounts for 4% of npm’s weekly download traffic and it’s directly depended upon by more than 27,000 packages and indirectly depended upon by 100,000 packages (30% of npm packages).

It’s used by more than Underscore, React, Ember & Angular 2. Combined.

Read more about it and why John Dalton & Co. chose Netlify for below…


John-David Dalton

John-David Dalton

Creator, Lodash

What is it?

Lodash is JavaScript utility library. After 4 years of having a PHP based website it was time for a redesign. I wanted the site to be open source & run on a gh-pages friendly stack. Netlify took things to the next level. uses a service worker to download the entire site for offline use on your first visit. It also uses resource hints (prefetch, preconnect, preload, & prerender) for speedier page loads. [The site gets more than 400,000 page views a month.] Resource hints that I compiled with the Netlify build cmd into a headers file. The build cmd invokes a Gulp task to generate app icons, headers, redirects, compile JS, & minify resources. I use custom headers to enforce security headers like CSP too.

One of the cool bits is that we’re actually compiling in the _redirects into the service worker so that redirects work even when offline. It also makes query strings pass through for redirects too.

Why Netlify?

I originally chose Netlify because of its HTTPS support for custom domains. After trying it I quickly found that it offered a freedom of build process, jekyll plugins, redirects, & header configs that ended up being critical to

Favorite Feature?

I love how painless everything is. Setting up HTTPS, redirects, headers, GeoIP, build processes were all super simple. And if I had a question it was answered fast. (You all rock. I’m spreading the word.)

Netlify Features used

  • Redirect Rules
  • Rewrite Rules
  • Proxy Rules
  • Custom HTTP Headers
  • Cached Dependencies
  • Git Integration
  • Outbound Webhooks
  • Outbound Integrations
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Rollbacks
  • Web UI
  • Deploy previews
  • Deploy previews

Tools & Frameworks used

  • Grunt
  • Babel
  • Jekyll
  • React
  • Sass