The Workflow

Spend a morning with Netlify in action,
from the very first deployment to advanced functionality.

Welcome to Netlify

09:05 AM Time to get started

Setting up the infrastructure

There’s actually nothing to do here—Netlify is a global, production ready environment right from the start. Skip all the server setup to get straight to building.

09:06 AM Time to commit

Connecting to Git

Continuous integration has never been simpler. Netlify can connect to any Git repository hosted at GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket and auto publish every time you push a commit.

New site from Git
New site settings

09:11 AM Time to deploy

Going live worldwide

With every deploy, Netlify automatically distributes your content to global infrastructure spanning every major cloud provider.

09:13 AM Ooops. Time to rollback

Traveling through history

Every Netlify deploy is atomic and all updates happen instantly. Browse all prior versions and rollback to any point in time—no maintenance window required.

List of deploys
Deploy logs

09:25 AM Time for automation

Building & prerendering

Set Netlify to pre-render content using your favorite site generator and run any build processes in your language of choice. Create the perfect CI pipeline and watch it happen for every commit in the deploy logs.

10:20 AM Time for branch off

Staging and branching

Turn any branch into an instant staging environment. By default, Netlify deploys the site’s production branch after every change, and will even build deploy previews for all pull/merge requests on each branch.

Netlify Split Testing running
Redirect example

10:31 AM Time for advanced features

Working with third-party APIs

Use JavaScript to connect to API-based services for search, payment, and transactional email. Proxy third-party APIs through your own domain and set access rules that make use of Netlify Identity .

11:25 AM Time for custom backend code

Serverless made simple

Create your own micro services by authoring simple cloud functions directly in your repository. Netlify registers functions automatically and deploys each function as an AWS Lambda.

Netlify Functions settings
Netlify CMS user interface

11:45 AM Time to invite collaborators

Adding a CMS—without managing a CMS

Netlify allows you to manage content without a server via Netlify CMS. It doesn’t require a database, works directly with files in Git, and it’s open source. You can also use your preferred headless CMS .

12:25 PM Time for 🌮 and reflection

Challenging all assumptions

If you started reading the page thinking complex sites require their own servers, hopefully we’ve expanded your understanding of everything possible on Netlify.

Perfect for anything from the simplest landing page to full-scale, feature-rich web applications, Netlify is a whole new global platform where modern frontend tools, microservices, and serverless architecture are all first-class citizens. Start deploying your websites with a modern workflow that’s both productive and fun.