Migrating to the Modern Web

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 | 9AM - 11:30AM PDT

A free online event with 3 hours of content covering modern web development and the Jamstack

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Migration simplified

Gone are the days of massive make-or-break migrations where features freeze for months as your entire application or site moves to a new platform. This seminar brings real-world experience from teams who know how to adopt a modern web architecture quickly, safely, and effectively, putting you on the fastest path possible to both better performance for your application and more productivity from your team.

Are you looking to...

  • Significantly improve site performance, user experience and conversions ⚡️
  • Leave behind an older stack - without the painful period of "shut down the factory"
  • Adopt modern technologies your devs love like React, Vue, or Angular for building rich web UIs
  • Reduce the amount of infrastructure your team must own and manage for your web projects

What you’ll learn

  • Front-load performance gains so your site becomes faster - even before migration is complete
  • Transition a running application from the current repository to a new codebase using caching & reverse proxy
  • Use serverless technologies to glue together API services and data, while maintaining a strict performance budget
  • Decouple your applications so your team can modernize the frontend tooling regardless of your backend tech stack


Agenda Wednesday, March 31, 2021

  • Onramp to Jamstack

    Phil Hawksworth, Netlify

  • Building a Jamstack Migration Checklist

    Bhavana Srinivas, Netlify

  • The Jamstack Impact

    Zach Schnackel, Gremlin

  • Migration Success Story

    A discussion with Ample and Crossroads Church

  • Open Discussion

    Join attendees, speakers and agency partners for networking and discussion