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Learn about advanced features and best practices to build, deploy & scale modern web applications on Netlify.

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Chris Bach

Developing Fast at Scale: How to Maximize the Netlify Workflow

Speakers: Sean Grove, Principal Architect, Ingrid Epure, Staff Software Engineer, and Jason Barry, Senior Staff Frontend Engineer, Netlify
Date: March 22nd at 9am PT / 12pm ET

Developing enterprise-ready sites, stores, and apps used to require multiple teams to manage backend complexity, and hours of the week to keep designers, developers, and content teams in sync. Today, by maximizing the Netlify development workflow, you can build scalable sites faster, even with a lean development team. We'll cover:

  • How Netlify Graph makes it faster to develop sites with APIs
  • How enterprises use Netlify Functions to create dynamic site experiences that effortlessly scale
  • How to enable stakeholders, designers and devs to collaborate more efficiently with Collaborative Deploy Previews

Shipping & Iterating Fast at Scale: How to Release More Frequently and Reliably

Speaker: Todd Morey, Director of Product Communications, and Bhavana Srinivas, Senior Solutions Engineer, Netlify
Date: March 23rd at 9am PT / 12pm ET

Learn how to simplify and streamline your release management workflow, making the release of every site and application efficient, safe, and predictable. We'll cover:

  • Ensuring perfect consistency between dev, testing, staging, and production environments
  • The atomic deployment model for zero-downtime releases and rollbacks
  • Phased rollouts of new releases
  • Gated releases with automated testing, linting, and custom plugins
  • Migrating older infrastructure and applications into a modern git-based workflow
  • Collaboration across multiple teams and projects in your organization with full control of which contributors can initiate and approve production releases
Dawn Parzych
Ryan Burgess

Staying Fast at Scale: How to Observe and Improve Your App’s Performance

Speaker: Melanie Crissey, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Netlify and Aaron Bassett, Principal Developer Relations Engineer, New Relic
Date: March 24th at 9am PT / 12pm PT

Optimizing the performance of your site or web app is never “one and done.” Moving to a Jamstack architecture can yield huge gains in terms of page speed, but you will need continuous monitoring and attention to manage your performance budget over time. We'll cover:

  • How to export your traffic data for more advanced monitoring
  • How to use tools like Lighthouse and New Relic to measure Core Web Vitals before and after each deploy
  • What to expect from Netlify’s High-Performance Edge

Hosted by Melanie Crissey

Melanie Crissey is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Netlify where she supports teams focused on developer workflows and modern framework support. With a background in web performance and user experience analytics, she has a passion for web apps that are fast and easy to use. Melanie works remotely out of the Greater Atlanta area and loves supporting growing startups.

Jason Lengstorf

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